Halloween's Mistress


"Where did the lady go?" I asked the man in front of me, weaing a gray jumpsuit, who seems to decide upon the destinies of my pumpkins.

"I'm taking her place now 'nd she told me not to go lower than 8lei " he informs me decisivly, but kind. He has a windspwet skin and a greenish gray stare, very much alive.

Hoary haired people always make me wonder if they have any children. If their children are my age by now, and if you can even call them children any more? I still feel like a kid. Hm, and what are they up to while I'm sitting here, talking to their father?

Probably not wandering through the market after pumpkins, like me, being sure that this gentleman here is a difficult and probably absent father, but with a big heart. He must be keeping the most beautiful pumpkins for home.

I see his humanity through his simple clothes and Transylvanian accent. He was lovely.

"We'll take them all!" - I yell in a rush, grinning with my whole face. The mister here will make that lady proud, even if she wanted to give me these sweet pumpkins for as low as 5lei.

"Enough now! Enough! We're ladies, how do you suppose we can carry them all to the car?" I ask seriously, holding back my satisfaction.


I'm joking around. I've been doing so ever since my lashes separated from their nightly hug. I woke up so well, that my conversations with Andrei turned into talent contests, stand up comedy and deaf superstar. I'm competing for the first place, and Andrei, as always, is laughing without making any sound. Only at the end, when his vocal cords calm down, do I understand that the quiet was due to his loss of oxygen.

Now, like any other holiday I begin to glow. I need nothing more than a theme and BAM! Suddenly I feel an urge to exploit the occasion.

After talking with the lady in the market, we went up to the other end of town, at a super market, where Mada told me I would find big-bad pumpkins.

There was no such thing - but no worries- I ran with Andrei among the shelves, literally, laughing in a haze about the bustle around us. Then I stopped, pulling him next to me and kissing him. Tenderly. Here and now - in the middle of the parking lot, people are watching. Another second, another two, and I free him from my lips. I'm happy.

Wham.. Back to the market!


"Unde a plecat doamna?" il intreb pe un barbat intr-o salopeta gri, care pare sa hotarasca asupra destinelor dovlaceilor mei.

"M-a lasat pe mine'n locul ei si o zis sa nu-i las mai jos de 8lei.." imi spune hotarat, dar amabil. Are un ten batut de vant si o privire de un gri verzui, foarte vie.

Mereu cand intalnesc oameni grizonati, ma intreb daca au copii. Daca copiii lor sunt de varsta mea acum, si daca, oare, ei mai sunt copii? Eu asa ma simt. Oare ei ce fac cat timp sunt eu de povesti cu tatal lor?

Probabil ca nu vin ratacind prin piata dupa bostani, ma gandesc, fiind sigura ca domnul e un tata dificil si probabil absent, dar inimos, si ca acesta, pastreaza mereu cei mai frumosi dovlacei pentru acasa.

I se vedea omenia prin hainele simple si accentul ardelean. Domnul era un simpatic.

Hai ca-i luam pe toti! - spun ranjind. Nenea din fata mea o va face pe doamna mandra, chiar daca dansa voia sa-mi dea frumuseii acestia cu doar 5lei.

"Gata! Ne ajung! Suntem domnisoare, cum credeti ca-i putem cara la masina!?" ma distrez cu un ton teribil de serios.


Am chef de glume. Am avut inca de cand mi s-au desprins genele din imbratisarea lor lunga de-o noapte. M-am trezit atat de bine, incat conversatiile mele cu Andrei se transformau in concursuri de talente, de stand up comedy si vocea afonilor. Eu concuram pentru locul intai, iar Andrei, ca totdeauna, radea fara glas. Doar la sfarsit, cand i-se calmeau corzile vocale, intelegeam ca pauza pe care o facuse se datora lipei acute de oxigen.

Acum, ca la fiecare sarbatoare, incep sa radiez. N-am nevoie de nimic mai mult decat o tematica si BAM! Dintr-o data am un chef nebun sa exploatez ocazia.

Dupa ce vorbisem cu doamna din piata, am mers pana in celalalt capat al orasului, la un super market, unde auzisem de la Mada, ca sunt bostani mari si trainici.

N-au fost - dar n-a fost suparare - am alergat cu Andrei printre raioane, la propriu, razand in nestiire de agitatia din jurul nostru. Apoi stop, il trag langa mine si-l sarut. Tandru. Aici si acum - in mijlocul parcarii, lumea se uita. Inca o secunda, inca doua, si ii dau drumul. Sunt fericita.

Wham..Inapoi la piata!

Just look at him! He is the star tonight! Honestly, have you ever seen such a perfect pumpkin? So round and so orange and so playful? I don't think so. I DON'T BELIEVE YOU! THAT'S IT. That's him. He's the official start of Halloween! - I'm going nuts.

I took Dia, my BFF, and we parked in the middle of the madness of Marasti, in front of a store with beads. I can't even remember how I discovered this shop, but this isn't the first time I'm here.

I go in, I take a handful of gold studs for my makeup tonight. I take some on silver, as well, 'cause, who knows, maybe Andrei will want a more extravagant look too.

My studs dance around noisy in the plastic basket, two fall down.

Without any reason at all, I get some gold needles that caught my eye and leave shouting "Have a nice daay!!"

These ladies here are not used to greeting.

Uite-l. El e vedeta! Pe cuvant, ai mai vazut asa bostanas perfect? Atat de rotund si de portocaliu si de jucaus? Nu cred. NU CRED! GATA. El e. El e startul Halloweenului! - o iau razna.

Am luat-o pe Dia, am parcat in mijlocul nebuniei din Marasti, in fata unui magazin cu margele. Crede-ma ca nu mai tin minte cu ce ocazie l-am descoperit, dar nu e prima oara cand vin aici.

Intru, iau un pumn de tinte aurii pentru machiajul de diseara. Iau si pe argintiu, ca, cine stie, poate vrea si Andrei un look mai extravagant.

Se invart zgomotoase in cosul de plastic, iar doua cad pe jos.

Mai cumpar te miri ce ace aurii care mi-au sarit in ochi si plec de la casa rostind "O zi bunaaa!" cu putere.

Doamnele de aici nu sunt obisnuite sa salute.


Hop and we're back in the car. As if not even a minute had passed, we're already in front of my house.

We take the pumpkin bags in our arms, after we gathered them from the back seat, where they partied with the curves. I bought them for all my closest friends. But they were in charge of making the baked one - That's not my area of expertise.

"So you'll make me look like that purple-pinkish alien I showed you?" Dia asks me in the kitchen, while the oven is warming and I'm cooking something for us to snack on.

Without knowing why she has so much confidence in my make-up skills, I say warmly that I'll try. I look at her and she's happy, too, with her long hair, curling up on her straight, almost blue-blooded back.

Hop, inapoi in masina si ca si cum n-ar fi trecut nici un minut, am parcat deja in fata casei.

Luam din nou pungile cu bostani in brate, dupa ce i-am adunat de pe bancheta din spate unde s-au petrecut in curbe. Cumparasem pentru prietenii cei mai apropiati cate unul, dar le-am spus lor sa-l ia pe cel de gatit. - Acolo nu ma pricep.

"Ma faci atunci extraterestrul ala rozuliu-movuliu?" ma intreaba Dia in bucatarie, cat timp se incalzea cuptorul si preparam ceva de mancat repejor.

Fara sa stiu de ce are atat de multa incredere in calitatile mele de make-up artist, ii spun cu drag, ca voi incerca. O vad si pe ea, fericita, cu pletele ei lungi ondulandu-se in sus pe spatele ei drept si finut, aproape de sange albastru.

The mushrooms sizzle - begging attention. But we're distracted right now. Dia takes command of the music (by the way, if you have any CDs you're bored with and want to find them a new home .. I will never refuse a good music selection! )

Oh sorry - where was I? Yes, I was saying the mushrooms were begging for attention, ah, and I for CDs, that's it. - We were swallowed by the atmosphere created by the glowing pumpkins that lit my bedroom and the dress from Poema was still in the pretty bag it came with..


When you think of Halloween, you have two things in mind related to the appearance you're adopting. Right?

The first is to be scarry, to make it obvious that you've dressed for the occasion and be .. strange. To have something out of the ordinary upon you, to play a character, a living shadow, a psycho, a demon or a maniac.

But then, you realize that: "Heeeey - wait"a second, I don't really want people to be freaked out by me, right? - And then you take your magic wond, a red lipstick from Sephora, out of your pocket and give a sexy hint to the entire look. Bingo!

The only problem is that many girls take this issue the other way around. First they ensure they're at a high level of sex apeal, then they decided to try something more horrorific, that is often unnoticable..

Ciupercile sfaraie - cersesc atentie. Dar noi suntem de mult distrase. Dia ia comanda la muzica ( apropo, daca v-ati plictisit de CDurile voastre si vreti sa le gasiti un nou camin.. nu voi refuza niciodata o selectie de muzica buna! )

Asa - sa revenim. Ziceam ca ciupercile cersesc atentie, ah, si eu CDuri, da. - Eram in atmosfera creata de dovlecii care-mi luminau dormitorul cu portocaliul lor vibrant. Rochita de la Poema o tineam inca in punguta cu care venise..


Cand te gandesti la Halloween, ai doua lucruri in gand legate de infatisarea pe care o vei adopta. Nu-i asa?

Primul e sa fi de speriat, sa se inteleaga ca te-ai costumat pentru evenimentul in cauza si sa fi.. stranie. Sa ai un ceva iesit din comun, sa fi un personaj, o umbra vie si psihopata, intunecata, maniaca sau diabolica. Nu?

Dar apoi, iti dai seama, ca "Heeeey - stai, doar nu vreau sa starnesc repulsie, nu?"-  Si-ti scoti rujul rosu de la sephora din buzunar si dai un iz sexi intregului look. Bingo!

Problema este ca multe fete iau aceasta problematica pe dos. Intai asigura sex apealul, apoi decid sa incerce ceva mai horror, care de multe ori nici nu se sesizeaza..

I already took a decision a few days ago.

I wanted to spend my Halloween in style, so I accepted the challenge of a Romanian brand, Poema. I ordered a leather dress, on black, that really made a statement. Without any disclosure, knee-length. Long sleeves going all the way down to my parfumed wrists.

Anyone can attract attention by vulgarity, that's why it's so common, but you must have a bit of taste to understand that sex apeal isn't born out of naked skin showing off. I chose a dress that not only covers a large part of my body, but also flows with my most subtle movements, fascinating exactly by it's sobriety. Like a second skin, the leather dressed me up in the character I wanted.

"Don't you want to be the Black Swan anymore?" Dia asked me, sitting at my desk, that's plated in glass, browsing Pinterest for Halloween make-up inspiration.

"No .. I don't think so. Not this year anyway." thinking it's a waste of such a great ideaif I don't have everything I need to put it into practice. I couldn't find any wings, nor feathers to make them myself. If the outfit couldn't be as spectacular as I painted it out, somewhere behind my thoughts, then I didn't want it anymore .. "No, I'll think of something else .. how about you?"

"Oh crap, I don't know! A sugar skull maybe?"

It isn't as fun for her anymore. She's getting alarmed. Time is running out and the sun sets quickly. The moon is showing up and we still haven't yet decided whether we will be werewolves or it dosen't count.

Eu luasem o decizie deja cu cateva zile bune in urma.

Imi doream un Halloween cu stil, asa ca am acceptat provocarea unui brand romanesc, Poema. Comandasem de la ei o rochie de piele, neagra, care chiar imbraca. Fara decolteu, lunga pana la genunchi. Manecile, si ele, ajungeau pana la incheieturile parfumate.

Oricine poate atrage atentia prin vulgaritate, de aceea se si practica la asemenea amploare, insa trebuie sa ai gusturi sa intelegi, ca sex apealul nu se naste din goliciune. Rochia pe o care o alesesem, nu numai ca acoperea o mare parte a corpului meu, ci totodata, se onduia odata cu miscarile mele cele mai subtile, fascinand intocmai prin sobrietatea ei. Ca o a2a piele, ma imbrca in personajul pe care mi-l doream.

"Nu mai vrei sa fi Black Swan?" Ma intreaba Dia de la biroul meu placat cu sticla, cautand intre timp inspiratie pe Pinterest pentru viitorul ei machiaj.

"Nu.. nu cred. Nu anul acesta in orice caz." consideram ca nu merita irosita ideea, daca nu aveam tot ceea ce-mi trebuie sa o pun in practica. Nu gasisem aripi, nici macar pene negre, sa imi pot creea costumatia spectaculoasa pe care o aveam bine pictata in spatele gandurilor.. "Nu, facem altceva.. tu te-ai hotarat?"

"Nu stiu, un sugar skull? OFF!!"

Nu mai e la fel de distrasa, draga de ea. Incepe sa se alarmeze. timpul se scurge si soarele apune. Imediat iese luna si noi inca nu ne hotarasem daca vom fi varcolaci sau nu, ca sa conteze.

The brunette wig I borrowed from Mihaela Ciobanenco, a good friend of mine, a blonde, fashion designer, whom I met two years ago at Mamaia, where she came to present her first collection, and I help her, by wearing it. The studs, you already know, I got in the morning, wanting to give the impression that they're stitched in my skin. But my idea seemed too empty, without an essence, it just had no story.

Then - I had a spark - I started emptying my cream eyeliner on my forhead.. ".. what if I'll just darken up my face, down like this .." I tell my friend without actually asking her. In my mind, I already planed the outline, the character and the concept was shaping up. I felt it was going dark outside and the party was awaiting. Yes, yes, yes - I like it! I say, and Dia, as if understanding what I want to do, was watching fascinated. "ahh, that looks hardcore!"

I defined my charachter as my alter ego. My dark side emerged under the moonlight .. and lasers, at Midi, a few hours later. The wigs long hair went wild and as if a shadow fell down my face, a dirty, intense black was covering everyting down to my lips.. With the deep black contrasting my eyes, I found them more cooper then I've ever seen them. Their honey gave me away as a good soul, behind the outfit.. but it did not matter.

I put the studs on my forehead. I suggested they're a sign of vanity. A defect, but for my evil side, a strong suite.

As a true gemini, see astrology, I was being dual. And frankly, I liked it.

Although nobody recognized me, it was liberating.

Imprumutasem peruca bruneta de la Mihaela Ciobanenco, o buna prietena de a mea, blonda, designer vestimentar, pe care o cunoscusem cu doi ani in urma la Mamaia, unde venise sa-si prezinte prima colectie, iar eu o ajutam purtand-o. Tintele le luasem de dimineata, stii deja, gandidu-ma ca voi vrea sa le "incarnez", dand impresia ca ar fi capsate in piele. Dar mi-se parea prea goala ideea, fara continut, fara poveste.

Apoi - am avut o sclipire - am inceput sa-mi golesc eyelinerul crema pe frunte.. "ce-ar fi sa ma ingresc pe toata fata, coborand asa in jos.." ii spune prietenei mele fara sa o intreb defapt. In sine mea, deja mi-se contura planul, personajul si conceptul din spate. Simteam ca se intuneca si ca petrecerea ma asteapta. Da, da, da - imi place! imi zic, si Dia, parca intelegand ce vreau sa fac, se uita fascinata. "ahh, ce tare arata!"

M-am defenit ca alter egoul meu. Partea aceea intunecata din mine, iesita la iveala, sub lumina lunii.. si a laserelor din Midi, cateva ore mai tarziu. Parul lung si inchis al perucii l-am salbaticit, iar, ca si cum umbra bretonului s-ar fi intins pe chipul meu, am intins culoarea pana inaintea buzelor.. Cu negrul intens contrastandu-mi ochii, i-am descoperit mai aramii decat ii cunoscusem. Mierea lor ma dadeau de gol ca un suflet bun, in spatele costumatiei, dar nu conta.

In frunte am pus tintele. Le-am tradus ca semn al vanitatii. Un defect, dar pentru latura cealalta, o mandrie.

Ca o geamana adevarata, vezi astrologie, am fost duala. Si, sincer, imi placea.

Desi nu m-a recnoscut nimeni, a fost eliberator.

The cookies burned while I was trying on the dress in the mirror, for a long, long time. At Midi we arrived late, because I did the make up for Dia and the boys as well, before we all went out. - Even that episode was memorable. Have you ever tried applying mascara on a guy? Put it on your bucket list!

I gave the fellows pumpkins, they gave me baked ones with honey and an evening to remember.

How was your Halloween? Who did you want to be?

Prajiturile le-am ars cat probam rochia indelung in oglinda, iar la Midi am ajuns tarziu, pentru ca o machiasem si pe Dia si pe baieti inainte sa iesim. - Pana si episodul acela a fost memorabil. Ai incercat vreodata sa faci un tip cu rimel? Pune-o pe bucket list!

Eu le-am dat bostanii mandrilor, ei mi-au dat dovlacel copt cu miere si o seara de pus in rama.

La tine cum a fost? Tu cine ai vrut sa fi?