Gun Fire Thrills


We finally found the place.

It's dark.

"If you weren't with us, I surely wouldn't have set foot out of this car!" I say with utmost sincerity to my lover and I draw him closer.

Dia has more guts than we have, so she takes lead.


My friend is celebrating her birthday today.

We share the same name, and the 2 that marks the beginning of our existence. Just that she reached the world eight months later than I.

Best friends, soul sisters  and life partner, but just as summer is different from winter, so are we.

If I'd expect to receive a sky with filled with balloons, making it hard for me to anchor them to the ground, while my friend was hoping for something else..

She asked me one day with a thoughtful look upon her face: "Have you ever wondered what it's like to fire a gun?"

"No, I didn't. Geez, what kind of movies have you been watching lately?! "


That's how I ended up calling the firing range of Cluj-Napoca, about a week ago. We booked two pistols at 18:30. One for me, one for her ... to spend the evening  in a "girly" manner." - It's so ridiculous it still makes me laugh!

To be honest, I dreaded the idea .. badly.

I actually left with the thought that I wouldn't even try,

".. stuff like this are not your style" my conscience was complaining.


In sfarsit gasim locatia.

E bezna.

"Daca nu erai cu noi, sigur nu coboram din masina!" ii spun cu cea mai mare sinceritate iubitului meu, pe care il trag mai aproape.

Dia o ia inainte, cu tupeu.


Prietena mea isi serbeaza astazi ziua de nastere.

Impartim acelasi prenume, cat si 2-ul care ne-a marcat inceputul. Doar ca ea a ajuns pe lume 8 luni mai tarziu.

Cele mai bune prietene, surori de suflet si partenere de viata, dar asa cum e diferita vara de iarna, asa sunt si eu de ea.

Daca eu ma astept sa primesc un cer acoperit cu baloane, mai sa nu le pot ancora de pamant, afla ca prietena mea isi dorea cu totul altceva..


M-a intrebat intr-o zi cu privirea ingandurata: "Te-ai gandit vreodata cum e sa folosesti o arma?"

"Nu, niciodata. Doamne, la ce filme te-ai uitat in ultima vreme?


Asa am ajuns sa sun la poligonul de tir din Cluj-Napoca, cu o saptamana in urma. Am rezervat doua pistoale la ora 18:30. Unul pentru mine, unul pentru ea ... sa ne petrecem "ca fetele." - Si acum ma bufneste rasul!

Ma ingrozea ideea.. rau.

Plecasem cu gandul ca nici nu voi incerca,

".. chestiile astea nu-s stilul meu." imi spunea constiinta pe drum in colo. 

 I never would have guessed I’d end up enjoying myself.

From the first shoot I realized how much power lies in the machinery I'm holding in my hand.

"... It's heavier than I expected." ii confess to the instructor.

The first thing that shocked me though, was the noise. It's so dramatic and so powerful that you could feel it deep in your bones, even beyond the glass that's isolating you from to ones inside the shooting chamber.

When we entered we received protective headsets. We were told exactly what to do and in what way we need to do it:

What's the right body posture,

how to hold the gun,

how to arm it,

how to aim, etc.

The guy was extremely helpful and super friendly, he really makes you feel at home, even between the golden dunes of the bullets remainings.

Looking from the outside, you don't really notice the spark that lights up when the bullet leaves the gun, but when you're the one who squeezes the trigger, it's a whole different feeling.

I'm a convinced pacifist and I wouldn't make a hobby out of this activity, but at the end of the day, I had this strange feeling that I've accomplished something. It brings you closer to reality in a safe manner. It helps you get some clarify and perspective over a few misguided concepts related to war or violence, over historical facts or even action scenarios played on the big screen..


Don't  hesitate to ask me anything else you want to know in a comment below.


N-am banuit ca-mi va placea senzatia.

De la primul foc de arma am realizat cata putere sta compriata in masinaria din mana mea.

"...E mai grea decat ma asteptam." ii confesez instructorului.

Primul lucru care m-a socat insa, a fost zgomotul. E atat de dramatic si atat de puternic, incat il simteam in adancul oaselor, dincolo de geamul izolat, de unde priveam tinerii veniti inaintea noastra.

Cand am intrat am primit casti protectoare. Ni s-a explicat exact ce e de facut si in ce fel se face:

Ce postura trebuie sa avem,

cum tinem arma in mana,

cum incarcam,

cum tintim, etc.

Domnul a fost extraordinar de amabil si de simpatic, chiar te face sa te simti ca acasa, pana si intre dunele aurii, a ramasitelor de gloante puscate.

Din exterior nu vezi scanteia, dar cand esti tu cel care strange tragaciul si indreapta pistolul, e cu totul alta senzatie. 

Sunt o pacifista convinsa si nu mi-as face un hobby din aceasta activitate, insa la sfarsitu zilei ma simteam castigata. Te aproprie de realitate intr-o maniera sigura. Iti clarifica putin perspectivele si conceptile legate de razboi sau violenta. De fapte istorice sau macar de scenariile de actiune redate pe mariile ecrane..


Nu ezitati sa ma intrebati intr-un comment daca mai aveti vreo curiozitate.