Goodie Goodies for my Lovers Bday

Hello world!

On the 7th we celebrated my lover's birthday early in the morning with champagne and sweets. But let me start with the beginning.

He was still sleeping when I got the call that my delivery was waiting for me outside. I gave him a sugary "happy birthday" kiss on the forehead and took a large step over his soft, dreaming body, hoping he won't wake up just yet. I never told him what I was planning.

A few days prior to his birthday, I got an email from the culinary artist behind the new brand called "Goodie Goodies". I said to myself right away that this, my dear, is not a coincidence. I told her I would be delighted to try some of their sweets, but that I would love to make it in something more special, and share the experience with Andrei. They were really professional about everything, so I was quite pleased to make some new friends out there. The perks of being a blogger are just awesome, but this time, I didn't want it to be about me, but about him.

I got my goody bag with 3 baby cakes, some handmade chocolate with spices in a fusion pack and a Toffifee cake to share with the rest of our folks. I took them all in, unwrapped them in a breath, out of pure curiosity. I've never had RAW Vegan desserts before, so this was a very first for me too. I had to make sure they were pretty after all, they were supposed to be a gift for him, my most beloved.

The wrapping was very high class, in a minimal designed transparent box, with a gold bottom and top. Under the lids, there were short descriptions of all the ingredients these beauties were made of. Really, really cute. Especially since there's only natural nutrients that are listed in.

Anyhow, I took everything with me outside in my garden, that in a gorgeous January morning like this, was covered in a layer of puffy white snow. The ladies from Goodie Goodies have warned me that these goods have to be kept in the cold before served. So I thought it would be waaaaay more poetic to just drop them in the snow to keep their temperature just right, until I pamper myself up just a bit. I was going to wake him up only after everything was set.

"Oh, and there goes the champagne!" I think out loud, dropping the bottle so it would just sink in.

I confess I couldn't help myself and take a few pictures of them there. We don't have snow like that everyday, right?!

When I was done, I took out my sliver tray I picked up a while ago from a vintage stand at a flee market in Berlin. I just love the way it looks on white sheets. Especially since it's so old, it kinda makes me think it has a story behind. Like it was once carried to a duchess somewhere, coming her hair when she craved some tee that came on my little tray. I know, I know, sometimes I'm making things up for myself, but a girl can dream.. Anyhow, this time it was just going to help me serve a festive breakfast in bed with him.

I kissed him until he couldn't fake sleeping anymore. I love to do that, although I know it's soo lovable, yet soo annoying, haha. My birthday king was already smiling like crazy. We popped the champagne open with a laugh. The bubbles were crisp cold from keeping it outside for so long. Everything smelled like winter. Our pure white bedroom and sheets were also part of the picture. Then we had a little bit of everything, sharing with a single spoon. ( I think all lovers should do that. ) Tasting away like we were at our very own master class event. Trying to figure out what we're sensing and how on earth these things can also be natural and so intense at the same time!

The purple baby cake was our favorite. We love sorbets, so the blackberry mousse this one had, had swept us off our feet. We cut in half and discovered a pink heart inside. "Ah! So cute!" I was whispering with my mouth full. The nutty one, is a miniature version of the Toffifee Cake I had put aside for later.

We laid back with our full tummies. He was thanking me for this, for making even the most dull things in life interesting for him. I was thinking he does the same for me. "We should do this more often." I said to myself. Have breakfast like that. Start with dessert. Organize our little tasting parties. Wake up late. You know, just enjoy the luxury of giving ourselves the chance to appreciate our time.

I took a few dreadful seconds before letting him dive in the cakes, just to take these shots. I hope they inspire you. I also really like the new RAW Vegan trend going on in the world right now. I wasn't very familiar with it before, but now I'm eager to have as much as I can of it. What an amazing thing, that all the poor quality food we get in our large retail shops these days has backfired and brought us small seller, that put quality before anything.

I was very impressed with Goodie Goodies and I recommend them wholeheartedly to you folks.

P.S. Do come with opinions or recipes if you're also into RAW Vegan cooking.