What you missed at 'Galeria de Stil'

Credits: Vlad Petrut

Credits: Vlad Petrut


It's 10:59 and I'm still in my bed, with my fluffy blankets and pillows.

Actually, I just had a coffee, this time without milk, made a scrub with the coffee grounds left in the espresso machiene (combined with honey and lemon - try it . ) and I massaged my cheeks with just a hint of coconut butter. And now I'm back in bed.

I feel like writing. Here and now, quietly, while the white light from outside, neither hot nor cold, helps me focus .. and I really need this right now . My life decided to participate in a marathon before I agreed to it, it seems, haha.

But Vlad sent me some pictures from Galeria de Stil ( The Gallery of Style ) a minute ago and I want to take this moment to make the marathon stop for at least half an hour, so we can chat for a little bit longer.

First I want to show you my space at the Gallery where I got to showcase my creations . I'm sure you've already found them in my Shop, but if you didn't get to visit the Art Museum in Cluj this Saturday & Sunday, here's a visual summary of what you missed :


E ora 10:59 iar eu sunt inca impletita cu paturi si perne.

Defapt am baut deja o cafea, de data asta fara lapte, mi-am facut un gomaj cu zatul ramas in expresor ( combinat cu miere si lamaie - incearca si tu. ) si mi-am masat obrajii cu doar o urma de unt de cocos. Iar acum m-am intors in pat. 

Am chef de scris, aici si acum, in liniste. Lumina alba de afara, nici calda, nici rece, ma ajuta sa ma focusez.. si de asta chiar am nevoie. Viata mea s-a hotarat sa participe la un maraton inainte sa ma anunte.

Dar acum mi-a trimis Vlad pozele de la Galeria de Stil si vreau sa profit de moment si sa pun maratonul pe o pauza de jumatate de ora, pana imi vars sufletul in mainile tale. 

Vreau intai sa-ti arat spatiul pe care l-am primit in cadrul Galeriei, pentru a-mi etala creatiile. Sunt sigura ca le-ai gasit deja in Shop, dar daca n-ai ajuns sambata-duminica pe la Muzeul de Arta din Cluj, aici e un rezumat vizual pentru ce ai ratat:

People had the opportunity to come, touch and feel my feather accesories. They could pose with them, try them on and just ask away anything they wanted to know.

Well, I loved it.

Not because I could see their reactions when they'd stroked the heavenly soft feathers (although I confess that it made me feel all fuzzy inside), but because I could see them from a new angle. On other people, with different shapes, sizes, figures and tastes.

The visitors of the Gallery were mostly art lovers, beauty hunters and fashion addicts. I had a glorious time just watching them.

The crowd wasn't too large, but who did show up, knew what they were signing up for.

These were the people, whom you'd like to stay for a cup of tea, in the sunny afternoon, to find out where they've travel and what they've seen. You know, those people that you part with, with a smile on your face, eagerly waiting for the next randes-vous.

But this is already another story.

In short, I just loooooved to see other women wearing them. To see them pose in the mirror,  to find out what clothes they would match my feathers with, to see them light up with the cape on their sholders and notice unique color preferences.. If that beautiful blonde lady with the Italian accent fell in love with the black cape, aka Dark Emerald, the other lady wanted the marabou one,  Lavender, and the elderly lady, that was just super stylish, I must say, really wanted to buy the Petal Pink cape which, unfortunately, was already reserved.

I learned a lot and I also managed to lay my eye on a few great Romanian designers. I loved many pieces in the museum, that they made with so much care, but being so busy with my own, I didn't manage to steal enough time to do some proper shopping.

But I wrote down everything I liked, and I did get to try on a thing or two. Then again, I also took a few picture, hihi. I'll be in touch with them in the future, that's for sure. If you're curious who I discovered, there are a few examples you might like. Search the web for Isabela Teodor, Lana, Noire Morphosis, Oana Lupas, and Florentina Giol. These are just a few of the designer who came to Galeria de Stil and made an impression. Talking about local designers, I also enjoy Ingrid Teodosiu and Laura Firefly ( I told you more about Laura earlier in a post, when we took these pictures I still can't get enough of.)

Actually, I keep thinking about doing a special section on this blog with the work of young designers from our country. They are so talented and their clothes are so unique, that I just keep flirting with the idea.

Oamenii au avut ocazia sa vina, sa le atinga, sa le probeze si sa se pozeze cu ele.

Mie mi-a placut la nebunie.

Asta nu pentru ca puteam sa vad reactiile lor cand mangaiau penele atat de moi, ( desi, recunosc ca mi-a crescut inima ), ci pentru ca am avut ocazia sa le vad din exterior, pe alta trupuri, langa alte chipuri. 

Vizitatorii galeriei au fost in mare parte iubitori de arta, de frumos si de haine. Mi-a fost mai mare dragul sa vad cum vin doamnele si domnisoarele imbracte la un astfel de eveniment.

N-a venit multa lume, dar cine a venit, a venit cu un scop.

Lumea buna cu care ti-ai dori sa stai la un ceai, dupa-masa, sa afli pe unde s-au plimbat prin lume si cu ce pareri au ramas. Stii tu, oamenii aia cu care te desparti cu zambetul pe buze, asteptand urmatoarul randes-vous. 

Dar asta e deja alta poveste.

Pe scurt, mi-a placut mult-mult-mult sa vad cum le imbraca alte femei. Cum pozeaza in oglinda cu ele, cu ce haine le-ar asorta, cum le lumineaza trasaturile si care le sunt preferintele cromatice. Daca doamna acceea blonda cu accent italienesc s-a indragostit de cea neagra cu reflexii verzi ca de smarald, aka Dark Emeraldcealalta domnisoara a vrut-o pe cea lila, Lavendersi doamna cocheta, dar mai in varsta, a tinut neaparat sa o cumpere pe cea roz, Petal Pinkcare, din pacate, era deja rezervata. 

Am invatat multe si am mai si pus ochii pe cativa designeri romani pe care am sa-i urmaresc indeaproape. M-am indragostit de multe piese aduse cu grija in muzeu, dar ocupata cu ale mele, n-am reusit sa ma fur suficient cat sa fac o sesiune de shopping cum se cuvine.

Dar am notat tot ce mi-a placut, am mai si probat una-alta, am facut doua-trei poze, si pe viitor voi stii ce si cum. Ca de exemplu, le-ati putea cauta pe Isabela Teodor, Lana, Noire Morphosis, Oana Lupas, si Florentina Giol. Acestea sunt numai cateva dintre numele care au venit la Galeria de Stil si cu care am ramas in gand. Ca designeri locali, imi mai plac si Ingrid Teodosiu sau Laura Firefly ( de care ti-am mai povestit mai demult si am facut pozele astea de care inca nu ma mai pot satura ). 

Ma tot gandesc sa fac o rubrica speciala pe blog cu creatiile tinerilor designeri din tara. Sunt asa de talentati si sunt atat de deosebite hainele lor incat flirtez de mult cu ideea. 

Saturday, when Vlad came to visit, I decided to wear one of my feather capes . I thought I'd just use this occasion to show girls that they're able to wear them casually, not only at formal events like weddings or cocktail parties, but that they look damn fabulouse with a random pair of baggy pants, a messy bun and some masculine shoes . Oh, by the way, these I picked up at the gallery too. They're from Exclusives.ro and I totally put my eyes on them ever since I first entered the door.

Sambata, cand a venit Vlad pe la mine, am hotarat sa port una dintre capele mele. Cu ocazia asta le-am aratat fetelor ca nu trebuie sa le porti doar la nunti si alte evenimente elegante, ci ca se pliaza al naibii de bine cu niste pantaloni baggy, un coc dezordonat si niste pantofi masculini. Ah, apropo, si pantofii tot la Galerie i-am cules. Sunt de la Exclusives.ro si i-am ginit de cand am intrat prima data pe usa. 

I gotta leave my blankets and start the day. I can't believe it's already noon, geez!

I wish you a hyper productive day. Kisses!


Trebuie sa-mi parasesc paturiciile sa-mi incep ziua. Deja e pranz, argh! 

Va pup si va doresc o zi cat mai productiva!