Easter Cheesecake Surprise!

Diana Rogo's Easter Cheescake with Kinder Eggs and Oreo


Each slice comes with an egg. 

In each egg is a surprise. 

A figurine to take you all back to your childhood. 

At least that's where it takes me. In a cluttered room at the end of our apartment, where my brother and I had a bucket full of Kinder toys. 

With them, we built stories, relationships and civilizations. 

Our collection was growing every year, but the interest in the chocolate coating started being more appealing than the surprise inside. 

Eventually, that fascination faded too.. 


All until one particular day. 


We were at the beginning of our relationship and it was his birthday.

The twilight, the rush and the excitement paint down this memory. 

I had no gift for him and neither did I know what exactly it should be. I knew him well, but the "us" kind of changed the equation.. it was still something very new to me.

I had to think things differently. But it was late. I had to go. 

I stopped briefly on my way and bought a Kinder Surprise Egg. I couldn't show up empty-handed now, could I?

He's younger than me, so it seemed funny to give him something childish, something more than a plain chocolate, but less than a real gift. 

I arrived. It was only the two of us. 

He was so handsome, I remember him wearing a tuxedo. He had this intense look and such a mouth watering perfume .. to break the ice, I gave him my gift the very first minute I entered and I sat down overwhelmed, but close enough so I could still smell him. 

"Here." I said simply, modest. 

He smiled wide and started laughing. "What's that? Did you hide a ring in there?" 

"Wait!..What?" and then I started laughing too. I wondered how he even came to ask me that and I was totally confused. Shouldn't I be saying that, I'm still the girl, right? 

"Haha, isn't it too early to ask me to be your husband?" he continued coming closer. "You should have waited for me to ask first, darling." 

I had no idea what I was supposed to say so I joined his game. 

"Well, I couldn't wait any longer, you know? Haha .." 

He was joking around a lot more than he did before.. it was probably due to his birthday. I was now discovering a new side of him. ( One that has come to dominate all the others. ) 

The egg remained unopened until we played and teased some more.. then we had to leave. 

"But the egg? Don't you want it?" 

"Of course I do, it's my present! I didn't forget about it!" and I felt his hand leave my hair. 

He opened it. He split it in two by pressing the middle with two fingers  and give me half. 

I gave him a peck on the cheek to thank him. 

"So, what 's inside?" I asked curiously.


The laid back atmosphere came to a sudden end and everything stayed in place. 

"Well? What is it?" 

"I can't believe this.." he said quietly giving me the toy.

I studied it motionless. 

Guess what was inside? 


A ring. 


That night when we both realized it was simply too strange to be just a random coincidence. It instantly became a chapter in our personal history and it ended up being one of our favorite sweets. 

Now, they feel even more special than when we were kids. 


And today I decided to make this fascination of ours into a joyful Easter cake, a surprise with surprises for my loved ones. You have the recipe below!


Fiecare felie vine cu oul ei.

In fiecare ou este cate o surpriza.

O figurina care te proiecteaza inapoi in copilarie.

Pe mine cel putin acolo ma duce. In camera dezordonata din capatul apartamentului, unde eu si fratele meu avem o galeata plina-plina cu jucarii Kinder.

In jurul lor construiam povesti, legam relatii si formam civilizatii.

Colectia noastra sa marea in fiecare an, dar interesul pentru invelisul de ciocolata a inceput sa detroneze surpriza din interior.

Apoi a trecut si fascinatia aceea..


Toate pana intr-o zi.


Eram la inceputul relatiei si era ziua lui.

Seara, graba si emotiile marcheaza aceasta amintire.

Nu aveam inca un cadou pentru el si nici nu stiam exact cum ar trebui sa fie. Il cunosteam bine, dar "noi"-ul din ecuatia a fost inca ceva.. nou.

Trebuiau gandite altfel lucrurile. Dar era tarziu. Acum trebuia sa fug.

De pe drum i-am luat un on Kinder. Nu putem aparea cu mana goala.

El e mai tanar ca mine, asa ca mi-se parea amuzant sa-i duc ceva copilaros, ceva mai mult decat o ciocolata, dar mai putin ca un cadou.

Am ajuns. Eram numai noi doi.

El era aranjat tot, purta sacou, o privire intensa si un parfum ametitor.. ca sa sparg gheata, i-am dat cadoul meu si m-am aseazat coplesita, suficient de aproape cat sa-i simt mirosul.

"Uite." i-am spus simplu, modesta.

Zambeste larg si incepe sa rada. "Ce-i acolo? Mi-ai ascuns un inel?"

"Poftim?" si ma umfla rasul auzindu-l cum se distreaza. Oare cum i-a si venit sa intrebe asta, ma gandeam total derutata. Doar eu sunt fata, nu?

"Haha, nu e cam devreme sa ma ceri de sot?" continua el imbratisandu-ma. "trebuia sa ma lasi pe mine sa te cer!"

Nu stiam ce e de facut asa ca am intrat in joc.

"N-am mai avut rabdare, ce sa fac? Haha.."

Glumea mai mult ca pana atunci.. probabil ca asa se poarta de ziua lui, cand e cel mai fericit, ma gandeam si descopeream o noua latura. ( una care a ajuns sa le domine pe toate celalate in scurt timp )

Oul ramasese nedesfacut pana ne-am mai jucat si tachinat.. apoi trebuia sa plecam.

"Dar oul? Nu-l mananci?"

"Cum sa nu! N-am uitat de el!" si simt cum mana lui imi paraseste parul.

Il desface. Il apasa cu doua degete pana se imparte la mijloc si imi da si mie o jumatate.

Ii dau un pupic sa-i multumesc.

"Ce cadou ai primit?" Il intreb curioasa, vazand ca n-are de gand sa-mi spuna si mie.



S-a oprit atmosfera brusc si totul a stat in loc.

" Na? Ce e? "

"Nu pot sa cred.." imi spune incet.

Imi da jucaria si o studiez nemiscata.

Ghici ce era inauntru?


Un inel.


Dupa seara aceea cand amandoi am inteles ca ar fi o coincidenta mult prea stranie sa o putem ignora, a devenit una dintre gustarile noastre preferate.

Acum poate sunt chiar mai speciale decat atunci cand eram copii.


Iar astazi am decis sa transform aceasta fascinatie intr-un tort vesel de pasti, o surpriza cu surprize pentru cei dragi. Va ofer mai jos reteta!

What you need


For the Filling:

  • 3 Yolks
  • 300g Caster sugar
  • 600g Cottage cheese
  • 2x Tables of White Chocolate
  • 1 gelatin
  • A few drops of Vanilla Essence
  • A sprinkle of Lemon
  • 300g Sweet Cream
  • 4 small Banannas

For the dough:

  • 500g Oreo Cookies
  • 1 stick of butter


  • A few Kinder Surprise Eggs
  • Cacao Powder
  • Decorative Flowers
  • Anything else you desire


Pentru Crema:

  • 3 Galbenusuri
  • 200g Zahar pudra
  • 350g Branza de vaca
  • 2x Tablete de Ciocolata alba
  • 1 gelatina
  • Cativa stropi de esenta de vanilie
  • Putina coaja de lamaie rasa
  • 300g Frisca
  • 4 Banane mici

Pentru Blat:

  • 500g Biscuiti Oreo
  • 1 pachet de unt


  • Cateva oua Kinder
  • Pudra de cacao
  • Flori decorative
  • Orice altceva doresti

What to do


1. Melt the white chocolate by putting it in a bowl you place in boiling water ( Bain Marie ). Keep it warm until you need it.

2. The dough is the quickest part: What you need to do is simply crush the cookies until you get small chunks and powder. Add the butter, use a fork to press it against the cookies and put them in shape.

That's it!

I wanted to do something a little different so I went for Oreo cookies this time, but you can keep it simple with usual Biscuits. You can also add a few bits of chocolate between the cookies, they will make you go be excited for every bite! I added bananas! I just love how they taste with chocolate!

3. Mix the cheese with the yolks, sugar, gelatin and add the melted chocolate. When everything is set, add the cream and stir gently. Slowly I said!

4. Now you can get creative. You can add vanilla extract and lemon like me, to give it a special fresh flavour, or you can go for anything like Nutella, gam, almonds etc.  I could go on forever!

Since I'm going to top it up with something as sweet as the dough, I'd suggest you keep the refreshing taste of the cheese without adding anything else to sweeten it even more!

5. Now you can add the cheese mixture on top. Leave it cool out for about an hour in the fridge, then add your topping. ( I kept it over the night, just to be reaaally sure it all stays into place. )

6. Decorate away, little dreamer!


Oh yes.. and



If the filling is too fluid, you can add more gelatin/more white chocolate/mascarpone/starch.


1. Topeste ciocolata alba intr-o baie de aburi ( Bain Marie ). Las-o pe foc pana vei avea nevoie de ea.

2. Aluatul e partea cea mai rapida: Tot ce trebuie sa faci este sa zdrobesti biscuitii pana obtii niste cocolase si multa pudra. ("pana-i faci praf" haha) Adauga untul si apasa-l cu o furculita in biscuiti. Apoi ii asezi in forma pe care doresti sa o obti si gata!

Asta-i tot!

Eu am vrut sa fac ceva mai special si am ales biscutii Oreo de data aceasta, dar poti merge si pe varianta clasica cu biscutii obisnuiti. Poti adauga si bucatele de ciocolata intre ei, asa incat sa te surprinda la fiecare imbunatura! Eu am mai pus si banane! Imi place tare mult cum se imbina cu aroma de ciocolata.

3. Amesteca branza cu galbenusurile, zaharul, gelatina si adauga ciocolata topita. Apoi poti adauga si frisca, amestecand cu grija de sus in jos. Inceet!

4. Acum poti sa devi creativa. Mai poti adauga in crema orice de la Nutella la gem sau migdale, pana la varianta mea, mai fresh: esenta de vanilie si lamaie.

Devreme ce am optat pentru un blat teribil de dulce si voi presara ciocolata si in partea de sus, am preferat sa pastrez branza cat mai fresh, fara a o indulci si mai tare. Iti recomand sa echilibrezi si tu aromele in asa maniera.

5. Acum poti sa pui amestecul de branza peste biscuiti si sa bagi totul la frigider macar o ora. Cand s-a intarit branza poti sa pui toppingul. ( Eu am lasat prajitura peste noapte, numai ca sa fiu sigura-sigura ca va iesi bine. )

6. Fa-ti de cap si fa o opera de arta! Decoreaza oricum te taie capul.


Ah da, si..

Un sfat:

Daca crema e prea lichida, poti sa mai adaugi gelatina/ciocolata alba/mascarpone/amidon.