dDay I DIY Party Invitations


Hey, hey, hey!

Today I want to show you the secret to my #dDay party invitations. It was this blog's 1st anniversary the other day, so I went for something really special to fit the event.

I'll give you 10 tips to making your own unique invitations before you go, ok?


Hey, hey, hey!

Vreau sa-ti arat astazi secretul pentru invitatiile pe care le-am impartit prietenilor pentru #dDay, prima aniversare a acestui blog!

Iar la sfarsit te las cu 10 sfaturi pentru cand vei vrea sa-ti faci singur/a invitatiile pentru propria petrecere.

I went ahead and wrote this article because nobody believed I made them myself. The stunned expressions on my friends faces were priceless, so here's how I did it.

Who would have guessed you don't need anything more than a bit of patience and passion?

Am ajuns sa scriu acest articol pentru ca nimeni nu m-a crezut ca le-am facut de una singura, iar cand le-am dovedit, toti au ramas cu gura cascata.

Cine ar fi crezut ca n-ai nevoie de nimic mai mult decat putina rabdare si mult drag?

People tend to make up their minds about something before they know any real facts.

We have an idea of whether we'd like something or not before we can honestly tell and these preconceptions affect our latter perception of reality, right?

If we're convinced something is not "our style" then it probably won't be even after we get all the reasons why we should appreciate that particular something.

Now, when it comes to parties I think it's all about how we feel about it before we attend, that changes our experience. That's why I think it's crucial to make sure our guests are brought in the right mood prior to the event.

Oamenii tind sa-si faca o parere inainte sa aiba informatii concrete.

Stim inainte sa mergem undeva daca credem ca ne va placea sau nu, iar aceasta idee preconceputa ne afecteaza felul in care percepem apoi realitatea. Nu?

Daca suntem convinsi ca nu ne place, atunci sunt foarte mari sansele sa nu ne placa nici dupa ce ni-se dovedeste ca sunt o multime de motive pentru care sa apreciem acel ceva.

Cand vine vorba de petreceri totul tine de felul in care ne simtim. Iar eu cred ca trebiue sa le inducem invitatilor un sentiment de nerabdare asa incat sa ne asiguram ca vin cu mintea deschisa si pofta in sange la evenimentul nostru.

Diana Rogo DIY Dday Invitation

You can see both the making-of as well the final look of my invitations in the pictures.

Let's see how I started.

The very first thing? - To figure out what the party's character is. What makes it unique?

This was my logic:

For what/whom is this party for? - It's Dyrogue's anniversary party, that means they have to have a connection to it's visual format/design. Ok.

Dyrogue is known for its abundant white space (  free space is a sign of sophistication, while veery much free space begins to look artistic ). Okay, I'll just keep the same rule when making my invitations. A centered, tiny font, like we've got on this very page, on a white, clean and mat surface.

Great! I'm off to Daisler to print out the pdf when the design is done.

But wait! What should I write on them?

- I'll tell people what the occasion is,

- I'll inform them about the date/place/time when it'll take place,

- I'll give them an idea about what I'll serve them with,

- I'll thank them for "taking part of my story", of my blog stories, that is. I also say this since I already know I'll post something related to this event online. This blog isn't just about me or my friends, but it's a whole lot about my readers too, so I'll give them insight on what's going on there too.

- I'll tell them what the dress code is, in this case it's really important.

- I'll write down the hashtag #dDay to let them know they can use it when sharing things in their media.


What's left to do?

To make it stand out from all the other invitations they've ever got.

I want to match them to the event's decor as well. What's my focus point at the party?

Well, it's a round table with a copper sequin table cloth and a fabulous cake in the same color on top. The space is glamorous, yet natural.

I bought a metallic spray paint in the color of my main party attraction and I started decorating the corners of my invitations. Thanks to the way the paint reflects light, the invitation feels a whole lot more festive, reminding you of glitter or confetti. Yay.


People appreciate the things you do yourself because it's a sign of genuine interest in whatever you're doing. So don't worry if you've got minor imperfections in your work, they've got their charm too.

You can try other things like adding some glue and dipping their corners in glitter, or using watercolor, or kissing them hard when wearing a mat lipstick. Things that remind people of you are the best; you can even perfume them with your favorite scent.

The possibilities are infinite, so why water your personality down to a boring invitation?

In poze ai vazut parcursul dar si efectul final al invitatiilor mele.


Hai sa vedem cum am inceput.

Primul lucru? - Sa definesc caracterul petrecerii. Prin ce se distinge?

Am judecat in felul urmator:

Pentru cine/ce e petrecerea? - E aniversarea blogului, deci trebuie sa aiba o legatura vizuala cu formatul/designul lui. Bun.

Dyrogue se distinge prin spatiul alb care predomina suprafata, ( mult spatiu liber e un semn de sofisticare, pe cand extrem de mult spatiu liber devine deja artistic ). Okay, in invitatii facem acelasi lucru, un font centrat si mic, precum e pe aceasta pagina, si un chenar alb, curat, mat.

Fuga, fuga la Daisler cu pdf-ul o data ce e gata designul.

Dar stai, ce scriem pe invitatie?

- informez invitatii care e ocazia,

- le indic data/locul/ora la care ii astept,

- ii anunt ce se va consuma,

- le multumesc ca fac parte din "povestea mea", respectiv a blogului / a viitorului articol pe care am sa-l dedic acestei petreceri. Ma gandesc in avans la asta, pentru ca blogul nu e numai al meu si al lor, ci a tututor cititoriilor, asa ca imaginile vor fi toate postate aici.

- le spun cum sa se imbrace, dress code-ul e foarte relevant in cazul meu

- notez hashtagul #dDay pe care ii invit sa-l foloseasca pe mediile lor



Ce mai ramane de facut?

Sa o fac unica, diferita de toate celalalte.

Am asortat invitatia cu ocazia, dar nu am asortat-o inca cu evenimentul in sine. Care e punctul principal de focus al petrecerii?

O masa cu paiete aramii, un tort fabulos de aceeasi culoare si un cadru natural, dar glamorous.

Am cumparat un spray metalic in culoarea pe care am stabilit-o pentru decor si am inceput sa le stropesc cu grija pe margini. Multumita felului in care reflecta lumina, invitatia pare mult mai festiva, amintind de glitter sau confetti. Yey.


Lumea apreciaza munca manuala pentru ca dovedeste un interes autentic din partea ta, asa ca ceea ce faci nu trebuie sa arate neaparat iesit din fabrica. Imperfectiunile au si ele un rol estetic, asa ca nu-ti fa probleme daca invitatile ies diferit de la una la cealalta. Din punctul meu de vedere e chiar un +.

Poti incerca sa le ungi cu lipici si sa inmoi marginile in glitter, sa folosesti acuraele, sa le pupi zdravan cand ai un ruj mat pe buze sau sa le parfumezi cu mireasma care te distinge.

Posibilitatile sunt infinite, asa ca nu te rezuma la o invitatie plictisitoare.

Candy & Champagne Dyrogue Party Invitation Dday

10 Tips for Awesome Party Invitations

  1. You need a catchy party title. Of course, anything sound good when it ends with the word party, but you can go beyond that and find something creative that makes sense for your event.
  2. Don't use more than 3 font types. It just looks messy. Try going for 2 fonts that are very different. A handwriting style and a basic type one. You can download free fonts on dafont.com.
  3. Make a hashtag for people to use when taking selfies at your party. It's a great way to collect all those one of a kind moments on our favorite apps like Instagram or Twitter.
  4. Tell people EVERYTHING they need to know. Don't suppose anything at all, the more you tell people, the more they'll feel comfortable to attend. And hey, it's the best way to get them excited for what's next. Add the dress code and give them an idea about how many people you invited, as well as if it's going to be outdoors or indoors, if there's going to be food and so on.
  5. Ask for a confirmation. You're going to need to count the people coming so you'll know what to expect.
  6. Leave a personal touch to your message. You're inviting people you know and care about and you want them to know this, so tell them! Let your personality shine through your invitation and use inside jokes, funny words and built colorful images. Add exciting details like confetti, champagne, fireworks, pillow fights, bonfires and cookies, anything to make them imagine already coming.
  7. Make it so pretty they'll want to keep it. You're not just giving away a worthless piece of paper, but a ticket to a future beloved memory. Treat it that way!
  8. Try to make a different version for every person you invited. Write down their name, sign yourself at the end and add an ending line that suits them or just make the design unique.
  9. Go wild with the design. Less may be more, but not when it comes to parties! Add lace, flowers, a puff of perfume or a cute ribbon to your invitation. It makes all the difference in the world!
  10. Don't make them too long. Stick to a maximum 5 sentences and don't spoil all the surprises! Let them find out the rest when attending.
  1. Da-i petrecerii un nume creativ. Totul ce se termina in cuvantul "party" suna deja bine prin definitie, dar cred ca poti depasi standardul acesta si sa faci ceva unic pentru ocazia ta.
  2. Nu folosi mai mult de 3 tipuri de font. Arata urat si gata. Incearca sa te limitezi la doua stiluri opuse. De exemplu un font de mana si unul simplu, ca Arial sau Calibri. Poti descarca fonturi gratuit pe dafont.com.
  3. Inventeaza un hashtag pentru prietenii tai si pozele pe care le vor face la petrecerea ta. E un mijloc foarte usor si simpatic pentru colectarea amintirilor pe aplicatiile noastre preferate ca Instagram sau Twitter.
  4. Spunele invitatilor TOT ce trebuie sa stie. Nu presupune ca vor stii nimic fara sa le spui. Cu cat mai multe informatii dai, cu atat mai comfortabili vor fi sa vina. Si hey, pana la urma asta e unealta cea mai usoara sa-i entuziasmezi inainte de ziua cea mare. Ah, si nu uita de dress code! Da de inteles daca va fi afara sau inauntru, daca vei servi mancare sau nu, etc.
  5. Roaga-i sa-ti confirme invitatia. Vei avea nevoie de informatia asta mai tarziu.
  6. Lasa-ti amprenta pe mesajul transmis. Inviti oameni importanti de care chiar iti pasa, asa ca lasa asta sa se simta in text. Lasa-ti personalitatea sa iasa la iveala prin invitatia pe care o faci si foloseste glume sau cuvinte amuzante sau foarte descripitive. Adauga detalii incitante ca sampanie, confetti, artificii, bataie cu perne, foc de tabara, prajituri, orice doar sa le incanti imaginatia.
  7. Fa-le demne de pastrat! Nu le oferi doar o bucata de hartie, ci un bilet spre o viitoare amintire indragita, poarta-te ca atare.
  8. Fa o varianta unica pentru fiecare persoana pe care ai invitiat-o. Personalizeaz-o scriindu-le numele, semnandu-te la sfarsit sau incheiand totul cu ceva ce numai voi stiti.
  9. Elibereaza-ti imaginatia si joaca-te cu designul. "Less is more" nu e valabil si la petreceri! Adauga dantela, pafum o fundita sau orice iti trece prin cap pe invitatie. Face toata diferenta!
  10. Nu te lungi! Rezuma-te la maxim 5 propozitii si nu da din casa toate surprizele! Lasa-i sa afle restul cand ajung.
Diana Rogo Dday Party Invitations DIY


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