The mouthwatering Cola Shampoo


Imagine a little jelly cola bottle.

Imagine yourself biting the top off, just like opening the bottle with your teeth, as I used to think when I was young and obsessed with Haribo.

When you open the bag and the unmistakable smell of cola strikes, a storm starts in your mouth. It's raining.

At least that's what happens to me.


My generation grew up with Coca-Cola.

For us, its existence was as natural as bottled water.

Actually no, I'm wrong, the truth is I never understood why there's such a thing as bottled water, when we had plenty of it on tap, for free!

Everything that came from home, seemed to be free, right? Oh, our poor parents, if only they knew how we thought back then.

I can still remember when I used to go along with my dad to the mini market downstairs and how I was extra patient with his shopping, just because I knew I was going to be rewarded at the end with a lollipop.

It was always the same flavor, cola.

I grew up in a world where Cola was never missing from the table. My parents never restricted it from me. That feeling you get when you pour that drizzling black elixir was accompanying me everywhere. The foam rising higher and higher, almost as if reaching out to your mouth.

Imagine that cold, cold sparkling soda, right now.


Imagineaza-ti un jeleu sub forma unei sticlute de cola.

Imagineaza-ti cum ii musti varful ( sau capacul, cum imi placea sa cred cat am fost copila si obsedata de Haribo ). Poti?

In momentul in care deschizi punguta si te loveste mirosul inconfundabil de cola, incepe furtuna din gura ta. Ploua cu galeata.

Cel putin asa mi se intampla mie.


Generatia mea a crescut cu Coca-Cola.

Pentru noi, existenta ei era la fel de fireasca ca cea a apei minerale.

Defapt nu, gresesc, adevarul e ca nu am inteles niciodata de ce apa e imbuteliata, cand avem atat de multa la robinet, pe gratis!

Tot ce venea de acasa, era pe gratis, asa-i? Saracii parinti, de ar stii cum gandeam atunci.

Tin minte cand mergeam cu tata de manuta la non-stop-ul de la bloc si cum asteptam cuminte pana sa ajungem la casa, unde stiam ca voi primi o rasplata pentru rabdarea avuta pana si-a terminat cumparaturile. Voiam o acadea, un Chupa Chups mai exact. Wow, tocmai mi-am dat seama ca nu am scris niciodata cuvantul acesta. Un "cogeac"! Ce sa mai?

Totdeauna aceeasi aroma, cola.

Am crescut intr-o lume in care Cola nu lipsea niciodata de la masa. Ai mei nu mi-au interzis-o niciodata si am fost mereu acompaniata de sentimentul pe care ti-l dadea primul pahar turnat, cand spuma se ridica ametitor catre tine, ca si cum ar vrea sa te atraga mai aproape.

Imagineaza-ti un pahar de cola rece, rece, acum.

I asked you to do this imagination test and the short trip in my childhood for a reason. And it's not to prove my love for a beverage.

Actually, the truth is that I stopped drinking cola many years ago. I can't remember how long it's been, to be honest, but it was about the time I also decided I was no longer going to watch TV. That period in my life I started giving the word health much more meaning and attention.

Coca-Cola never touched my mouth ever since, but the smell and the taste I'm sure I'll never forget.

I didn't stop drinking it because I didn't like it. No, I adore everything that reminds me of that time in my life when it used to follow me everywhere. I'm not drinking it anymore because it isn't good for me, for my body.

But, and there is a but, today I want to talk to you about shampoo. About Cola Shampoo, to be precise.

I received it a few weeks ago and decided to test it. It wasn't necessarily a conscious decision, as it was an inner desire to feel that smell again and again, in every shower. To smell my sweet, appetizing and ever so playful hair.

Everything around the branding is tied to the Cola phenomenon. Starting with the smell, that I promise is more than a thousand jelly bottles bathing in a lake of cola happiness! Everything from the trademark color of the packaging to the texture and color of the product itself is tied to that drink.

Am facut acest test de imaginatie si scurt trip in copilaria mea, nu pentru a-mi demonstra dragostea fata de o bautura carbogazoasa.

Defapt, adevarul e ca m-am oprit din baut cola in urma cu multi ani. Nici nu-mi mai amintesc cati au trecut, sincera sa fiu. Dar cam atunci cand am hotarat ca nu am sa ma mai uit la TV si ca acel cuvant pe nume sanatate, are totusi o insemnatate.

N-am mai pus gura pe apa aceea neagra si aspra deja de mult, dar mirosul si gustul in sine nu cred ca am sa le uit vreodata.

Nu m-am oprit sa o beau pentru ca nu-mi placea. Inca ador tot ceea ce-mi aduce aminte de perioada in care o consumam mai des ca apa. Nu o mai beau pentru ca nu-mi face bine. Pentru ca e nociva si pentru ca imi pasa de sanatatea mea.

Dar, si exista un dar, azi vreau sa-ti vorbesc despre sampon. Despre Cola Shampoo, mai exact.

L-am primit in urma cu cateva saptamani si am decis sa-l testez. N-a fost neaparat o decizie constienta, pe cat a fost o dorinta launtrica sa simt din nou mirosul acela la fiecare dus. Sa-mi simt parul apetisant si dulce si jucaus.

Tot brandingul e construit in jurul fenomenului Cola. Incepand cu mirosul care va promit ca e mai ceva decat o mie de sticlute de jeleu scaldandu-se intr-un lac de cola al fericirii, la culoarea trademark a ambalajului, pana la textura si culoarea produsului in sine.


More than a tasty smell


But what's even more cool is that although Cola may not be healthy if you drink it, Cola Shampoo is a healthy alternative for our hair.

Just like the drink, the shampoo contains caffeine and other ingredients found in their recipe. Fortunately, it's also paraben free.

I told you I decided to try it out for a few weeks before writing a thing about it. But now, I'm ready to give you my conclusions:

  1. It has a high degree of cleaning.
  2. It gives your hair great volume.
  3. It slightly dries your hair, which is great for styling, but I often accompany it with a soft conditioner. (I always use conditioner, no matter what shampoo I use, but I think it's use depends on each persons hair type.)
  4. It smells better than any other product on the market, I promise.
  5. I love to take it with me whenever I go away from home, you know, to show it off to my girlfriends, haha.

Dar ce e si mai misto, e faptul ca, desi Cola nu e sanatoasa daca o bem, Cola Shampoo ESTE o alternativa sanatoasa pentru parul nostru.

Asemena bauturii, contine cafeina si alte ingrediente regasite in reteta lor. Siii, din fericire, nu contine parabeni.

V-am spus ca l-am incercat mult inainte sa va povestesc despre el si va pot da urmatoarele concluzii:

  1.  Are un grad de curatare ridicat.
  2.  Reda volum parului.
  3.  Usuca usor firul de par, ceea ce e super pentru styling, dar eu adesea il insotesc cu un balsam usor. ( Pentru mine balsamul e oricum nelipsit, dar cred ca depinde foarte mult de tipul parului fiecaruia )
  4. Miroase mai bine ca orice alt produs de pe piata, promit.
  5. Ador sa il port cu mine cand plec de acasa, si sa le arat prietenelor noua jucarie, haha.


& a fun DIY

For all you guys that love to play around, like me, I got the craziest DIY idea.

Empty a bottle of Coke, preferably not plastic, and replace the contents with this shampoo.

I imagine a shelf, in a white, hipster bathroom, with '80s old-school Cola advertisements on display and the bottles of shampoo in at hand, in front of them.

I didn't get to do it yet, but it's on my to do list, haha.

Until then, I'm gonna use these miniatures for my future travels.


I hope you liked my new discovery and I'm look forward for your opinions in comments below. I'd love to know if you tried or are going to try this product.


Pentru iubitorii de joaca, ca si mine, va propun urmatoarea idee DIY.

Goliti o sticla de Cola, preferabil sa nu fie din plastic, si inlocuiti continutul cu cel al samponului.

Imi imaginez o etajera, intr-o baie alba, hipstereasca, cu reclame old-school de la Cola, de prin anii '80, si sticlutele de sampon in fata lor.

Eu inca n-am pus mana pe o sticla din aceea, dar e pe to do list.

Pana atunci, am miniaturile acestea, pentru calatorii, hhihi.


Sper ca v-a placut noua mea descoperire si astept parerile voastre in comentarii mai jos, daca l-ati incercat sau daca urmeaza sa-l incercati.