Get Rid of Cellulite Once and For All!

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craving lean legs? Me too.


Oh, isn’t it one of those words that immediately paint a picture in your mind?

I know it does in mine. And the image itself isn’t as disturbing as the emotional impact it brings along.

For most women, cellulite is a real self esteem issue and in today’s world, up to 90% of the entire female population has or will have cellulite on their bodies in their lifetime.

That’s a mind blowing thing, if you come to think of it. The majority of women these days have cellulite, yet it is still somewhat taboo. We still expect ourselves not to have to deal with this issue and secretly get frustrated when trying on new bikinis. Our standards are getting higher than ever, yet our self respect is going down the hill.

Instagram doesn’t really help either. We generally follow people we admire. People unlike us, people who either have the right genes or the right lifestyle to pull out such a stunt. Oh, and then there’s Photoshop, that mysterious force that takes care of all our aesthetic problems.

Now, seriously, I want us to talk all about this today, because no matter how shallow it may seem, it impacts our behaviour and our perceived identity quite a lot.

Further, we’ll discuss what cellulite is, what is’t not, how to deal with it, destroy it and how I like to think about the whole issue.

Fair enough? Let’s jump right in.

The debate

One thing we should first clear up is, if there is such a thing in the first place. There are two sides to the global conversation going on about it. One side considers cellulite a made up notion with the main goal of selling products and services to get rid of it. These people see cellulite as being just another lump of fat, unfortunately stuck around our bodies. I tend to agree. There’s no reason to make such a big fuss about it or give it an entirely separate studying field. It is what is is, and that is fat.

But most of us who actually suffer from it, know it is quite a real thing. So the second school of thought started making it a modern world problem. We perceive it differently than other types of excess weight, because we’re able to see with out own eyes or because we dread that our lovers and husbands would notice it, while they seem pretty lean without even trying.

Do you know why that is?

Cellulite affects mostly women

90% of women vs. 10% of men fight against it.

Cellulite is just fat and fat is the same for both genders. What makes it more distinguishable, is it’s appearance. Women are generally genetically inclined to store fat in the lower part of the body, while men tend to add weight to their mid section. But that’s not everything. The tissue right underneath the skin, that keeps our energy stores in place, has a different, more dense pattern in men, than women. I like to think of it as a wire fence that keeps our adipose tissue packed. Can you imagine that? Well, the irregular lumpy surface of cellulite is fat pushing through that fence.

Those lucky bastards have a tighter fence and inherently more muscle mass. But we love them and we want them to love us - and not just love, but lust. We want to be attractive to them and fat is one of those things our society keeps telling us we should have less of in order to be sexy.

An unhealthy, sedentary and stressed out lifestyle is most likely to result in a poor quality of life, but also in a poor quality of self image and to make matters worse, it also results in an orange peel on the side of your legs. Having excess weight isn’t just an aesthetic matter, but a health concern, because it implies having un unbalanced life in a way or another. Celulite is not the problem, it is the effect.

So while society may push standards too high for commercial purposes, I do feel health wise, it is an indicator of how much action you need to take to shake up your lifestyle in a more healthy fashion. The more cellulite, the more you should reconsider your daily habits. What is it you’re not paying attention to?

Lifestyle must change first

Most things that support cellulite reduction have positive side effects or, more accurately: side benefits! Drinking lots of water, eating potassium rich foods like leafy greens, vegetables and fruit, and lowering salt intake helps the body get rid of water retention, improves things like circulation and overall well being.

Throwing out junk food and sugary drinks is an entirely different article, but you get the idea.

I like to think of our bodies as a whole. A system that works as a unit and that should be understood as such too. Targeting cellulite is hardly any use if we don’t take care of our overall well being. Not only that, but it really isn’t as important as other health matters that can come up from living a high inflammatory life. Aim to cut down on stress, processed foods, refined carbs and sugars and stand up more, get more air, more space, more connection, more laughter.

So let’s make our priorities clear for a minute.

Taking care of our health should be on the very top of the list and most of the time, looking and feeling more vibrant, energetic and attractive is merely an unavoidable side effect, so is cellulite reduction.

then what?

But let’s say we already have a pretty good, balanced diet. We eat plenty of veggies and we aim for variety. We add healthy fats and avoid processed ones. We also do our best to keep snacking on fruit, not cookies, and we’re happy with how we feel. Yet we still want to have leaner legs. What’s there to do?

Trust me sister, I get it. I’m doing all of that right, yet cellulite isn’t magically vanishing anywhere.. yet.

Well, we either lower our standards and accept that we’re flawed and start loving ourselves just the way we are or, as I like to think of it, aim for a goal exciting enough to get us into action and work our way up to the body we want, while practicing self acceptance and self love.

Imagine how it would feel!

Pretty great, right?

But to be in that 10% of the population, you have to be willing to do, that the rest of 90% of women don’t, you understand that, don’t you?

Focus on progress, not results

Before you get too excited, I want to let you in on a little secret.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that it’s not the results you need to celebrate, but the progress! That’s the one and only recipe for lasting and effective change. It’s also the only way not to fall short and lose your temper, with literally any goal you set out for yourself.

It took years to gather all that cellulite on your body, so it’s gonna take a while to get it off. Be patient with yourself and praise even the smallest things you do on a daily basis to fight this battle.

How to know if you’re making progress?

My key is to stop obsessing over numbers and start getting excited about little actions.

To me, progress means eating a little bit healthier today than yesterday, learning a new recipe, drinking an extra glass of water in the morning, walking home instead of taking the cab, going for a swim, etc.

These are all really easy things. Things you can actually do right away. Things you can also enjoy, and if you have to, count at the end of the week.

Of course, there is also technology that can help us out. Basically, when using tech, we trade our money for more time and faster results. There’s the long route, with tiny improvements that gather up in a year or two, or we can hack the system and bribe nature, as I like to think of it, and get some real work done in record time by getting help from professionals.

What’s the best approach?

Cheap, yet slow and hard - or - expensive, yet fast and effortless ?

My honest answer: do both. At once.

Go for your goal from all angles! Invest a little in yourself so you start taking things seriously. Make your goals feel real and take accurate action to go for it, that can give you some momentum with fast progress. In the mean time, take the steady route of implementing little tweaks, attitudes and knowledge into doing a little bit better every day.

I’m generally not into harsh or invasive treatments, I’m more into celebrating myself into success, than punishing my body for not being quite as perfect as I’d want it to be.

That’s why I believe in treatments that are non-invasive and have been around since the dawn of time. Massage is my favourite, but I don’t mind having science give it a little futuristic twist if it helps me melt centimetres off my legs faster, in a safe manner and keep my momentum going.

What works for me

I’ve tried lotions and scrubs, and they’re all wonderful — they all make me feel pampered and give me a little placebo high that I’m actually doing something useful. But most of the time, the most I get is the satisfaction of reconnecting with my body and fuelling my self worth, not really getting any leaner legs or less cellulite.

Stored energy seems to be too precious for my body to let it go without a fight.

So that’s why I went ahead and tried some body remodelling techniques some time ago, wich eventually led me to do some work for a salon in Cluj-Napoca and grow quite accustomed to the science behind these procedures, to writing this post and starting a new collaboration with them, with a new goal in sight.

Amongst everything that I’ve tried, LPG actually delivered the results I wanted. Actually, even more than I expected: 6cm off my legs was a shocker. No wonder I came back!

What’s LPG, you’re asking?

This is a specific massage treatment designed to break up the tough cellulite strands of fat so that the body can absorb them at a quicker pace. The massage unit is placed directly against the fat deposits which are gently broken up by the LPG device. The treatment is non-invasive and designed to smooth out the fat deposits which create the dimples and unwanted contours of your skin.

While six treatments are recommended to help get the maximum effect, many who experience this process will see some results after their first session. The LPG cellulite treatment is augmented by eating a healthy diet and exercise which starts the fat burning process to reduce the appearance of the cellulite.

The salon I go to, Paris Esthetique, made a mind bobbling investment in a new, LPG machine that the French have just released on the market this year. It’s the best there is and it promises faster, profounder results, without the pain.

But there is a catch. And this is something I needed to learn the hard way.

Let’s go back in time. Imagine me being all super-excited about my extra tight legs and lean over-all look after just two weeks or so of treatment. What do you think I did when I reached my goal?

I stopped doing precisely what had got me there.

It’s so stupid, but I stopped the treatment. I was happy with my body, why should I have continued?

What you don’t use, you loose

You see, what I didn’t understand back then, was that everything that’s worth having, is worth fighting for. — There are so many sayings hinting this basic human truth, but somehow, us, women, would rather lie to ourselves than face the fact: if you do what you’ve always done, you get what you’ve always had. So in order to get different results, you need to do different things. And when they work, you gotta keep at them!

You don’t shower once and expect to be clean for an entire lifetime, do you? So why would you think that not exercising would allow you to keep the same body shape as when you don’t? Why do we think diets can turn our life arounds, if we come back to our old habits as soon as the detox weeks are finished.

The yoyo effect is inevitable.. unless we keep on doing the things that have brought us what we wanted!

Trading money for time

Eventually, you end up loving the things that bring your life more of what you want, no matter how hard they are at first sight.

It only feels as a big trade off when you’re starting.

The key is to make a plan from the very beginning of keeping it up for the long run.

When you start going to a manicure parlour instead of painting your nails at home, you first feel like it’s a waste of money, but soon enough it starts making sense. You either trade your time ( to painting them yourself once a week ) or you pay someone or something that can offer professional results in a fraction of the time, once a month. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth the investment, but I now think of these things as a small price to be payed to enjoy seeing myself fit the standard I laid out for myself.

I’m fine with paying a small fee for high quality beauty products or a nice hair salon, but for some reason, until now, I never thought that my entire body could also benefit from a little care and grooming! Now it’s on the same list of things to do every little know and then.

I’m going to keep you up to date on my progress with the LPG treatment, but this time, I’m scheduling regular appointments, once a week, to keep my progress going, after I got to where I wanted.

I’ll post some pictures we took with the new high-tech LPG device down below, as well a price list for the treatment packages at Paris Esthetique.

Money wise, they have the most competitive prices in the city, as far as I know, but you can check. Make sure you ask for the machines model, it’s the M6 you want to use! The latest device is the best and improved version there is on the market right now and since I tried both, I can honestly say there is a difference.

The old one hurt, this one doesn’t. Trust me, it makes a difference if you want to keep at it on the long run.

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LPG Price Packages:

5 sessions - 550 lei

7 sessions - 700 lei

10 sessions - 900 lei

12 sessions 1020 lei

In November, Paris Esthetique turns a 10!

That’s a decade of experience. Congrats you ladies!

Of course, besides LPG, they also offer many different strategies to improving different aspects of the skin, body composition or tissue healing, but they’re the experts. Even facial skin! There’s an LPG version for face lifts that is amazing too.

You can gain great insight if you just spend ten minutes to discuss available options with one of the ladies from the salon. They know witch procedures are best for your particular problem or goal, but my personal recommendation is going for the LPG first, it will give you the confidence boost you need.


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