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8 Reasons Why Marrakech Should be Next On Your Travel List

The pink city of Marrakech was on our bucket list for a while now, when Andrei decided we needed to celebrate our anniversary in a big way this year. Our time spent was packed with culture, color and oriental scents. Before leaving, we promised ourselves we'll be back for one of the reasons I'll share below! Here's that, and 7 more to inspire your next trip!

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3 NO-Sugar Nice Cream Recipes You Need To Make This Summer

I've bragged a whole lot about my quitting sugar and you must be wondering how the hell I manage going through summer without having ice cream, right? Well, easy: making Nice Cream.

Nice Cream is a guilt-free, natural, home-made ice cream without any added sugar. Sounds too good to be true? Wait till you taste it! Here are three recipes you can try at home and the 1 trick that will help you improvise your own signature recipe. Read on.

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