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Trend Alert: The Inside&Out Bra

I have some more good news from my side! It's about Intimissimi, the Italian lingerie brand. Guess who's the new brand ambassador in Romania? Yours truly. 

Sorry if I'm too proud about this, but you know what? I really am. I just absolutely love lingerie and you know I'm a total sucker for anything Italian. And what's even cooler is that they only select 2 influencers in each country to spread their message. 

In Italy, it's Chiara Ferragni and Giselle. In Romania it's me and Ioana Chisiu (she's a totally hot mom, if you haven't met her yet). Me and Chiara share the same pink bra. Oh, shoot, I think I'm fangirling another blogger. Is that allowed? 

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The FIRST shooting at my future Home

I was out to take some shots of what I believe to be a nice twist you can add to an office outfit, when one of the men working for our apartment gave me a call. We stopped everything and rushed towards the dusty, empty penthouse. I know many of my readers are working in a corporate field and are pretty tired of their daily fashion choices. So I wanted to illustrate how anyone can game up a suite, into a casually glam outfit. Any woman should have a finely tailored black suite in her wardrobe, no exceptions. This is how you can do it. And the cherry on top? We took all the pictures in my place. This is a very first!

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Catching up with yours truly

During the winter, I literally have one of two moods. I'm either putting on a second pair of socks and hiding under the covers with a sturdy book and a lemon, vanilla green tea OR I'm totally hyped about the smell of fresh snow and I'm up and running in about 5 minutes, just to get a taste of it. Then again, it's so much easier to enjoy winter when you love big sweaters, thick fabrics like velvet or wool, and have at least a dozen furry pieces in your wardrobe. I'm a total faux fur maniac, but I honestly think it helps.

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A Hot & Cold look for Winter's wonder

It was the very first day of snow and we were damn right excited. The backdrop was set with flickering snowflakes and crystallised branches. The tips of or fingers were almost numb as we tried to touch the snow still floating in the air. The air had a smell to it, that reminded me of my childhood. The days when we'd go to school wrapped in fluffy sweaters and big knitted scarfs. I would always take a deep breath the very moment I would step outside. I'd tell myself I'm brining in the winter. And, I guess I was. 

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