Autumn Games

Here's a 'lil video of me going through a selection of Guess branded items from the Fall-Winter collection.

It talks by itself already, but I still want to underline the fact that this is the mood I associate with this season. The fast-moving pace of everyday emotions, the sleek casual ensemble, the city and the exciting feel to it when it's almost twilight. Me and Dima, the talented tall figure holding the camera, had the most wicked smiles when we saw it was the most enchanting vanilla sky that evening. We've had a very, very long day filming for the Paris Esthetique commercial from one of my previous posts, but we went ahead and made the most of our time. 

What I wanted to do was play with the camera, to have fun with fashion. To come by it in a natural manner and don't go overload into trying to make it too artistic. Sometimes, clothes are just the material that's there to warm us up, but they still send a powerful signal. Well, in this case, I'll let you draw the conclusions yourself. If it's a well thought out, urban chic combination or just one happy little coincidence that everything matches together, you can decide for yourself. Oh, and yeah, I LOVE how frizzy hair gets when pulling down a sweater, don't you? It's just one of those things that keep me excited for the cold season, wild hair, the thick knits, the layers, hot chocolate, leaves and ambitions..




Guess by Marciano via Unic Brands