An Outfit Choice for the Holidays

This is almost a tradition before the holidays. When December cracks is with it's cold touch, I'm probably on my way to the shopping mall.

Like everyone else, I've got things to pick up. Starting with decorations, to warm PJ's, to thick socks that climb all the way over my knee.

Then I start browsing for gifts, having everyone's smile in my mind when I select the items I think would make them happy. I normally don't go for the practical stuff. Neah.

I'm more into giving gifts that have not that much purpose, but have value through the simple fact that they're a luxury.

Anything we don't need, but we WANT, is indefinitely a luxury. Isn't it?

We don't need a lipstick, do we? But we would certainly like one. A great burgundy shade, right? Mmmh.. We want it. But why do we want one brand more than another? Why are we willing to spend almost double the price to get the one with the right tag on?


Most of the time we're rational people, we put our musts before our wants and we go for the safe option. We don't want to feel sorry after wards for not buying what was more relevant, then figuring out we're out of cash when do get to those items.

But that's what how we make decisions for ourselves. When we make decisions for others, things are different.


Of course, it all depends on who we're talking about. If someone is in desperate need of something they can't have, then we should just go ahead and do our best to make their life easier.

If not, then here's my theory:

A gift should be something that one desires, but can't get themselves.

Not only "buy it", but get it, have it.

For example: A surprise birthday party.

That's something totally out of reach for anyone wishing to have one, right?

Wouldn't it be hilarious if someone would o invite us to their own "surprise" party? Yeah. You got me.

Or personalized items, or expensive things that they feel the money is better invested in something else.


I don't normally go for the things they could get themselves. You know?

I think this is something you can think about when going after the perfect Christmas gift for your dearly beloved.

The again, if we're talking about a lady, classic are never a miss.

A quality leather pair of stilettos, with just the right angle to the heel. A black clutch for dinner dates or a rose gold watch. Yup. Those things.

I'm heading to the one shop that offers the "fancy" version of all the above in our little City.

Do you already know?

As I said, this is pretty much a tradition for me already, but I got the chance to go straight to GUESS in Iulius Mall to pick out what I feel is the most delicious outfit in the whole store. It's a collaborations that has kept me shining throughout the years!

So that's a starter, but what do we get for ourselves? What do we wear for the holidays?

Going to Guess is starting to be a shopping spree that I tent to associate the most with the season. Having done the same the past few holidays.

When Christmas and NYE is coming up, then sooner or later I'm checking out the casual glam they offer.

So here's my choice!

A two piece ensemble, no cleavage except for the crop in between. The fabric is thick and elastic, perfect to embrace our shapes and to keep us pretty warm.

Now, I know it hasn't been that chilly yet, especially when we took these pictures, but we don't normally stay too much outdoors right on Christmas Eve.

At least I don't. I'm too busy getting cozy inside with a glass of home red wine and cinnamon.

The print has a golden glow, The coat is plain fabulous and the purse was meant to be a gift, but I kinda decided I'm gonna keep it. I may get a different one, they have a great nude in the new collection also.


I would go for the same skirt with a fluffy white sweater and some epic large curls. You can take on some light leggings if you know you're out and about for too long. I was lucky, the weather was perfect when we shot all these. But that coat, oh, I wouldn't take that on my shoulders with any occasion.

Let me know how you feel about the outfit and which other items you've spotted at your town's Guess.