An item any Lady should own

Diana Rogo feat Laura Firefly

Say you're going to this special event, right?

It's this fancy cocktail party where you just have to be at your very sleekest. Or wait, it could even be your best friends wedding! Yeah, that's it. 

So, you have this gorgeous dress already on. You've been planning on wearing it for quite a while, dying to bring it out in the daylight.

Your high heels are all set and squeaky clean. A dreadful thought crosses your mind when you take them on! The pain you'll bear for being pretty.. Oh well, you're keeping positive and hoping they'll be comfortable throughout the night.

You're excited. You're larger than life!

A sexy kitten in a quite classy shell!

You're adding a last layer of lipstick, just to make sure it won't get lost on those crystal glasses after midnight.

You slip it in your matching clutch, making sure you're kiss ready if an occasion comes your way. 

 ( You always have to be prepared for love at first sight, right? )

The cab is already at your door way and you're ready to go. 

But then, all of the sudden, it strikes you! 

" Oh no! "

It's freaking November outside and you need a coat before leaving. 

" Oh! Not this again! " you suffer, hating yourself for not thinking about this before already being late.

" Gosh, what am I going to wear ?" you say in a boiling whisper, dreading the taxi driver for being on time.

Then, the poor guy, thinks he got the wrong address and leaves. 

" Shit! Oh!! Wait, where the hell is he going?"

" I'll get him" you're girlfriend shouts, running after the car. " Just come on already, okay? We'll be late."

Late is the last thing you want to be, so you rush back to face your closet.

Nothing. Just darkness. 

As if you're looking at an empty pond, the once beloved dressing is letting you down once again.

Nothing seems to fit a formal outfit! 



You do have a simple black coat you often wear with these occasions, but lately you started taking it on in the morning when you're off to work too. Somehow, it just doesn't seem fitting anymore. 

Should you just compromise and take it on, or just grab a scarf and freeze to death?

Tick, tock, tock, tock..

" Damn it, I'm grabbing my old coat and I'll just undress as soon as I get in.." 

That's what you always say and you hate it,

but this time, like always, shopping for the dress was may more important than remembering you need something to complete the outfit for the season. 


I'm pretty sure each and everyone of us ladies has gone through a similar scenario in a point in our lives. Okay, a few exceptions, but I certainly did.

To be honest, I think more than half of my best outfits I took to the most important events in my life have neglected the top layer of clothes I had to wear. This usually results in messing up a perfectly classy look with a dusty casual coat. Either that, or a way too 'office' suit or a rather inappropriate leather jacket. Such a pity!


Lately I've consciously fought this chaos and now I own a few fuzzy friends ( faux furs - 'cause we ain't killing any animals, right? ) 

and a few statement "jewels", as I like to call them.

These gorgeous coats that don't dim your shine, but enforce it!


Today I want to show you one that got me really excited.

It kinda resulted in an extra typical "look post" for my taste, but this time you'll have to forgive me.

Now, I know that I'm not wearing it on top of a dress down to my toes, but that's not the point.

What I wanted you to notice was just how much it can make a dull all-black outfit pop out to an extravagant runway-ish ensemble!

Even Audrey Hepburn would be jealous!

Okay, so this is one of Laura Firefly's creations. She's a young designer I've grown greatly fond of, ever since I got to have some fun time in her workshop, in our 'lil chic city.

Yup, it felt slightly closer to heaven to be in a room with all unique pieces of fashion. The smell of creativity was in the air and we bonded from the start. Mutual respect and admiration was a perfect start for a long lasting friendship. 

This here is my second article I feature one of her pieces (here's the first one) and by now I can proudly say I started a collaboration I can truly feel it brings value to my blog. 

Guess that's what happens when you appreciate someone for their vision, isn't it? 

..and yeah, I think I may have gotten pretty spoiled by these designer clothes I've started shopping for.

Wearing a unique piece is certainly a show stopper.

It's such a selfish little satisfaction you get when everyone compliments an item you own and nobody else can't.


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