A Long Term Relationship.. with Coffee


Morning folks!

I know, I know, it's already 2PM and it's probably gonna be even later when I finish writing this, but for me, morning is whenever you wake up, not when the sun decides to show up, so there you have it! Waking up itself is pretty relative too. In my case, I just woke up to reality from diving deep inside the newspaper I've been hinting about on my Instagram. It's Olivo's print, called The Daily Cup.

I may not have been writing too much on my blog, but I have done a story for their paper. Annnd it landed directly on the first page, oh yeah! I'm both proud and grateful. It's a really nice feeling to have your parents ask you for a frame so they can put your words on their wall, isn't it?

What amuses me though, is that I'm merely always writing.. Text Messages, Facebook posts or little stories on my blog - you know. But since they're digital, they somehow seem less valuable.. Why is that? ( Hope you're reading this mom )


Neata oameni!

Stiu ca e ora 14 si probabil pe cand voi termina de scris va fi si mai tarziu, dar dimineata pentru mine e cand te trezesti, nu cand rasare soarele, deci nu-mi fac prea mari probleme. Sau pana la urma, si trezitul poate fi de mai multe feluri, in cazul meu, vorbim despre trezitul la realitate, pentru ca pana acum am stat sa rasfoiesc ziarul celor de la Olivo, pe nume The Daily Cup despre care v-am tot "hintuit" una alta pe Instagram.

Ei bine, n-am mai scris eu prea multe pe blog, dar am scris un mic text pe prima pagina a ziarului. Lucru pentru care sunt atat mandra, cat si recunoscatoare. E dragut sa-ti ceara parintii o rama sa-ti puna cuvintele pe perete, nu-i asa?

Ce ma distreaza insa e faptul ca scriu mai mereu. Fie sms-uri, statusuri pe Facebook sau povestioare pe blog, ori fiindca sunt digitale, nu par la fel de valoroase.. ei, ei. ( Sper ca citesti, mama! )

Diana Rogo

I must confess that I love carrying a paper in my bag.

I like the way the smell of it pairs up with fresh, hot coffee and the noise it makes when I go through it, while my boyfriend is hanging around on his cell.

It gives me a unique kind of satisfaction, that I almost forgot about because of the new tech, tablets, ebooks and so on.

The fact that it makes an impression and just feels classy has nothing to do with the content, BUT I won't talk about that it here! Nope.

I'd rather have you discover it yourselves, with your fingers all dirty from the cookie you're going to have in the meantime. I'm such a sucker for those things whenever I go by Olivo's Chiosc.

I think we shouldn't skip on these little dirty pleasures in life. They just make daily life so much more interesting. This is almost where I want to end up with my story from the paper. Did you read it? Liked it? I'm quite curious what you think.

Along with my tiny contribuition, there are so many creative people writing in this paper that I really think you'll love it, so I invite you to read it. You'll also find a voucher to Librarium and Olivo Shop and a bunch of other cute things. But I'm already doing what I said I woudn't. That's all I'll say, I'm leaving the rest to you.

Just another note:

Thanks Paul Bucovesan for the illustration with my face. It was so funny to have friends call me to let me know that there's a drawing in a paper that looks like me. " You woudn't say! "

Thanks to the team for contacting me and inviting me to take part of this beautiful project. It turned out just great!


Recunosc totodata ca-mi place sa am un ziar in geanta.

Imi place cum se imbina mirosul lui cu cel al cafelei si imi place sa-l rasfoiesc zgomotos cat sta Andrei pe telefon.

Imi da o satisfactie mai aparte, pe care mai ca am uitat-o de cand cu tabletele, ebookurile si toate cele.

Acum ca e classy, da bine si ca se simte bine, n-are nimic de-a face cu continutul. DAR despre el nu vreau sa va scriu. Nu.

Astept sa il descoperiti singuri, cu degetele prafuite cu miez de cookie dinacela gigant care-mi trage mereu cu ochiul cand imi iau cafeaua de la Chioscul Olivo.

Micile placeri in viata nu se refuza.. ci ne aduc atata valoarea zi de zi, ori cat ar fi de mici. Cam aici bat si cu povestea din ziar, tu ai citit-o? Cum ti s-a parut? Sunt chiar curioasa.

Inafara contributiei mele, mai sunt o groaza de oameni creativi care si-au pus amprenta pe aceasta editie si care chiar va invit sa-i cititi. Veti mai gasi si un voucher pentru Librarium si Olivo Shop, o adeverinta tip cele pe care le falsificam in liceu, haha, de dus la seful de la birou, sa te scuteasca o ora-doua, pentru o pauza de cafea. Mi s-a parut genial. Dar deja fac ce am promis ca nu voi face! Gata! Restul veti vedea pe cont propriu.

Doar atat mai spun:

Merci Paul Bucovesan pentru ilustratia cu chipul meu. Chiar m-au sunat prietenii sa-mi spuna ca e o tipa pe ziarul de la Olivo care seamana cu mine, haha. " N-ai fi spus! ".

Si multumesc echipei ca m-ati contactat si invitat sa iau parte la proiectul vostru. A iesit bestial.

Phtoto Credits: Petrut Vlad @ Chioscul Olivo

Phtoto Credits: Petrut Vlad @ Chioscul Olivo

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