A Hell of an Electric Feeling

Image Credits: Electric Castel

Image Credits: Electric Castel


"Yeah! C'mon!" I answered excited, starting to pull out my heavy boots from the watery mud.

I was pulling him forward, laughing loudly, running wildly, with my ankles struggling in the melting ground beneath us.

I wiped my forehead with the back of my hand. Bad idea.

Instead of stopping the water flow, I just added another river of droplets, falling on my lashes.

I was shaking my head withouth even noticing, blinking with a smirk, when I took a hand in mine, pulling it out of it's heated grip.

It's partner hand was left floating in the air and I didn't grab it.

I left it there in a rush, leaving it for the next person to take it back.

I was running again. Now I had Andrei's hand in my left, and a stranger was gripping my right. I didn't know back then and neither do I know now who's hand that was.

My lover caught the other persons hand, left in the air, without giving it a second thought. Just like magnets, deaf and blind, we all just connected.

We entered their circle, literally!

Lemme explain. While we were somewhere further in front from the main stage, a small group next to us took hand in hand and started dancing in a circle.

Until then, we were doing our moves solo. I was dancing hectically somewhere next to Andrei, but not as much with him, as with myself.

With my eyes closed, the rain bathing my face and with the beat in my chest, I was dancing. Boy, was I dancing. Wilder than I ever did before.

That's when my lover grabbed me and showed me what was coming together behind me.

There was no question about it: I needed to take part in that. I wanted to join their click. Their crowd of strangers, dancing in the mud, having the time of their life, were calling my senses.

And they greeted us loudly, excited to have started such a feeling.

After we entered the circle, it started to grow. Fast.

I coudn't believe my eyes, when I saw how the group grew by the second! I could see dark, wet figures running towards us, just to take part of this simple, yet strong moment.

Another face, another couple, another group, started taking hands, making the circle bigger and bigger. The energy inside was amazing.


Andrei's hand was already pretty far away from mine. I was struggling to keep my eyes in the direction we were spinning around.

I needed to stay in the circle. To follow the tide, but not get wiped by it.

My sight was delighted with all these smiling people in front of me. But they were already so many, their faces were already drifting in the darkness of the night, on the castel grounds.

But we were holding so tight, I was sure they weren't going to let me fall, no matter how badly I'll trip. When this thought struck me, I wanted to smile so bad it actually hurt. I've been smiling for so long my muscles were stiff. I swear it's the weirdest feeling, but by far the best pain there is.

Then, our circle was just so big, it started collapsing. I was pulled inside.

Just like a star, when it grows too big, it implodes. It booms in a supernova. That's what happened next.

A big bunch of people coming towards eachother.

We eventually all let go and stopped before clashing together. With our new free hands, we did what seemed the right thing to do after such a moment. We clapped.

Dozens of people, standing in the rain, laughing soaking wet and clapping powerfully.

We all knew what was going on there. We all knew we had experienced something together. It was a little piece of life we shared.


"Da! Hai!" ii confirmasem, incepand sa-mi ridic cizemele grele de apa si noroi.

Il trageam, radeam, alergam, intorcandu-mi gleznele in pamantul care s-a topit sub noi.

Mi-am sters fruntea cu podul palmei.

In loc sa-mi indepartez apa de pe fata, am mai adaugat un fluviu de picuri, care imi cobora pe gene.

Le scuturam in nestiire, clipind incretit, in timp ce am mai prins o mana, desprinzand-o de stransoarea fierbinte in care era inclestata.

Pe cealalta parte, mana ei, a partenerei, n-am mai apucat-o.

Am lasat-o in aer, in urma mea, asa incat sa o prinda altul.

Alergam din nou. Acum cu Andrei de stanga, si cu celalalt cineva de dreapta. Nu stiam daca e barbat sau daca e femeie. Nici atunci, nici acum.

Andrei prinsese mana cea ramasa in aer fara sa gandeasca o secunda. Ca magnetii, orbi si surzi, ne-am gasit semenii.

Intrasem in hora. La propriu!

Un grup de langa noi, undeva mai departe de scena principala, de unde tocmai ne strecurasem, au format un cerc si au inceput sa se invarta.

Pana atunci dansam solo, undeva langa Andrei, dar nu cu el, ci cu mine.

Cu ochii inchisi, cu ploaia pe fata, cu beat-ul in piept, dansam. Si am dansat cum n-am mai dansat niciodata.

Atunci m-a prins de mana, si mi-a aratat ce se formase in spatele meu.

N-am avut o urma de indoiala, ca voiam sa fac parte din grupul lor. Ei, necunoscutii de acolo, din noroi, care se distrau atat de bine.

Dupa intrarea noastra in cercul lor, hora a inceput sa creasca.

Ne-au primit galagiosi, exaltati de incantare. Ne invarteam acum si noi.

Uitandu-ma in zare, cercul nostru crestea secunda dupa secunda, cu inca o fata, inca un cuplu, inca un grup. Atunci realizasem in ce moment incredibil m-am trezit.

Nu-mi venea sa cred ce vad. Oamenii fugind in ploaie, din indepartare, voind sa faca parte din.. asta.

Voiau sa faca parte din energia care se creease intre fete straine. Energia cercului nostru.


Mana lui Andrei era deja la mai multe palme distanta. Incercam sa-mi tin privirea atintita in directia in care ne invarteam.

Ma straduiam sa raman in ritmul cercului, sa ma las dusa de val, dar sa raman cu valul.

Dar ochii imi fugeau la zambetele oamenilor din grupul nostru. Care se indepartau din ce in ce mai tare, cu fiecare persoana care intra in cerc.

Ne tineam atat de strans, incat aveam siguranta ca oricat de tare m-as impiedica, ceilalti nu ma vor lasa sa cad. Cand m-a fulgerat acest gand, si muschii fetei mi s-au tras intr-un zambet, mi-am dat seama ca ma durea fata. Ma dureau obrajii de la atata ranjit. Si iti promit, ca e cea mai stranie, dar satisfacatoare durere din lumea aceasta.

Apoi, cercul nostru se largise atat de tare, incat nu mai distingeam fetele de pe cealalta parte a horei. Dintr-o data am schimbat directia. Am inceput sa fiu trasa inauntru.

Ca o stea, cand e prea mare, implodeaza. Asta s-a intamplat si la noi. O supernova.

O multime de oameni alergand unul spre celalalt.

Ne-am desprins toti in graba inainte sa ne ciocnim intr-o imensa imbratisare. Ne-am dat drumul, doar ca sa ne putem folosi palmele pentru a finaliza momentul cum se cuvine. Ne-am aplaudat.

Zeci de oameni, undeva langa un concert, stand unul langa altul, razand uzi pana la piele si aplauzand cu energie.

Toti de acolo am stiut ca am trait un moment impreuna. Am sarbatorit o bucatica de viata. Impreuna.

"Oh-my-God! This was amazing!" Andrei had put my thoughts into words.

"Yeah.. yeah, it was. It was epic." I told him, knowing that talking was useless. We both knew what we felt.


After all those feelings came to a climax, as if Skrillex knew exactly what was going on, on the far end of the castels ground, he has decided to leave us with a message. - The concert was coming to an end.

I already missed him.

He had gotten under my skin. He woke me up to life that night. And he made me dance like I swear I've never did before. So chaotic, so careless, so free.

Somehow he managed to keep us all there, under the flooding sky, for so long, so happy.

And just to be clear, I'm no big fan of dubstep. Hell, I hardly knew who Skrillex was before this festival. But he had wone me over!

This is what happened next,

"Doamne, cat de tare a fost." mi-a pus Andrei gandurile intr-o propozitie.

"Da.. da, chiar a fost. A fost epic." i-am spus, stiind ca n-am de ce sa ma stradui sa formulez ceva ce amandoi stim ca am simtit.


Dupa tumtul de sentimente care tocmai si-au atins apogeul, ca si cum Skrillex ar fi stiut exact ce se intamplase cu mult dupa marea de oameni din fata lui, a hotarat sa ne transmita un mesaj. - Incepea finalul concertului.

Deja imi era dor de el.

Imi intrase sub piele. Ma trezise la viata. Nu mi-as fi putut imagina vreodata ca voi putea dansa atat de haotic, de nepasatoare.. atat de libera.

A reusit sa ne tina pe toti, sub cerul acela inundat, atata timp, atata de fericiti.

Si nu sunt mare fana a dubstep-ului, nu ma intelege gresit, sincer, nici nu prea stiam ce-i cu Skrillex inainte de Electric, dar acum, pe mine ma cucerise.

Si stai sa vezi ce a urmat.

The Romanian flag that waved the whole night high over our heads, has gotten on the stage. The artist was holding it in one hand and in the other, he had a black flag with an alien illustrated on it.

He patiently and respectfully walked the whole stage, from left to right then back again, so everyone there that night could see him.

"I bet he appreciates this, you know?" I was thinking out loud in Andrei's arms, still in the rain. " I think he's grateful, for us standing here for him, even in this crazy weather."

"...no color, no race, no religion.." Skrillez continued his speach.

After showing us such a good time, he finished the concert off with a share of his values. He talked about equality and the fact that diversity is really cool.

We're all aliens, aren't we? This night was about us, as people, as a whole, no prejudices, no envy or hate.

Was it cheesy? Maybe.

A cliche? I suppose.

But did it touch my heart? Oh boy.

And not just mine! This time, we were clapping with the tens of thousands. The sound was roaring, covering the rain.

All that water falling from the sky has cleansed us some way. It washed us of all our bad habbits and mischivieus ways.

With the rain, my fears and needs, expectations and ego have run down, drowning.

I was no longer Diana Rogo that night. Nor was I Diana for that matter. Or even female, who cared? We were all just as wet and dirty, just as rich or poor.

Steagul Romaniei care a fluturat o seara intreaga deasupra noastra, ajunsese pe scena. Artistul il tinea intr-o mana, iar in cealalta strangea un drapel negru cu o fata de extraterestru ilustrata pe mijloc.

Nu s-a grabit in gesturile lui. Venind cu respect din stanga pana in dreapta si inapoi, asa incat sa se adreseze tuturor celor din fata lui.

"Iti dai seama ca si el apreciaza," gandeam cu voce tare, din bratele lui Andrei, inca in ploaie, "cred ca e recunoscator, stii? Ca am stat toti aici, pentru el, in conditiile astea."

" .. no color, no race, no religion.." isi continua Skrillex maxima.

Artistul, dupa ce tocmai ne-a demonstrat, a incheiat cu un gand bun, impartasindu-si valorile cu noi. Vorbea despre egalitate si frumusetea diversitatii.

Noaptea asta fusese despre noi ca oameni, ca grup, ca un intreg, fara prejudecati, si ura, si invidie si rautate.

Cheesy? Poate.

Clicheu? N-are decat.

Dar m-a atins? Da, domnule.

Si nu numai pe mine! Acum cu zecile de mii, am aplaudat cu putere.

Ploaia ne spalase de toata rautatea. Am fost toti oameni inainte de toate.

O data cu ploaia, mi s-au scurs temerile, nevoile, asteprariile si egoul.

N-am fost Diana Rogo in seara aceea. Nici Diana nu stiu daca am fost. Sau femeie, daca e pana acolo. Toti eram la fel de uzi, la fel de urat imbracati si noroiati, la fel de bogati sau saraci.

Electric Castel gave me a great vibe ever since day 1, but for me, Saturday night was the night. It was by far the climax of the weekend.

I actually want to thank them now, right here, for the memories they've given me.

Both to the people organizing this whole thing, the really cool crowd that showed up every day in the rain, even to those strangers in the circle, whom I'm probably never going to meet again.. and you know what? I'd also thank nature. Yup. For that incredibly ridiculously wild rain! It made the whole thing so memorable.

Electricul mi-a dat de la ziua 1 un vibe atat de placut, dar pentru mine, sambata noaptea a fost apogeul.

Si as vrea sa multumesc aici, public, pentru ce amintire mi-au oferit.

Celor care au facut festivalul, oamenii atat de faini care au participat, strainii din hora de sambata seara, care probabil nu voi afla niciodata cine au fost.. si naturii. Pe cuvant! Ploaia a fost cea mai eliberatoare dintre toate si a facut experienta cu adevarat memorabila.

I'm sorry for all those who didn't get the festival.. or the rain. I'm sorry about all those haters too, that just stayed back home throwing hate around for missing the point.. anyhow, what
I know for sure is that I feel like I truly gained an epic memory and telling you all about it made me relive it. And it felt f'in great.

Imi pare rau pentru cei care nu au inteles festivalul.. sau ploaia. Imi pare rau si pentru toti haterii care au stat acasa si au incercat sa gaseasca argumente pentru proprile frustrari.. dar ce e cert, e ca eu am ramas cu ceva si ca mi-a placut la nebunie sa-mi amintesc toate acestea povestindu-va si voua.