7 years with Paris Esthetique

I started a lovely collaboration with one of the oldest beauty salons in Cluj last year, when I first went to have an LPG treatment to get rid of that pesky cellulite. Now that I've come to know them all and befriend the ladies working there every day to make our lives a little prettier, I was quite flattered when they asked me to play a lead role in a commercial spot they organised to celebrate their achievement! 

I think it came out just wonderful. Coming from a large scale to a more narrow, emotional based relationship with the lives of the women living in Cluj. They have had a great impact in a way or another for many of their clients, that come back and back again every time. 

I wish you a very warm Happy Birthday, Paris Esthetique and I hope you'll stay the same and make me happy about myself, every time I step in your little Parisian corner of Cluj!


Dima Dimov from DD Visual