5 Life-Changing Decisions To Take When Moving Into A New Home

Photo Credits: Alexandru Maxim

Photo Credits: Alexandru Maxim


a fresh start.

Hello you! How have you been, beautiful?

Today I want to use a little editorial I made for a collaboration of mine with the Italian lingerie brand Intimissimi, as an excuse to get in touch with you.

I love the pictures, because they were taken in my new kitchen, in my new home, and they're a lot about how I've created some new habits ever since we moved in. One of them is a rule my boyfriend really agrees with: only keep sexy lingerie in the house. Haha, but this post isn't about that, all though it might be something to think about too. Read on!



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We still don't have much in our house, but I'm really conscious about everything that I'm brining in or doing in this phase. What comes inside right now will probably influence the rest of our time spent here, even years to come. Including not only things, but also people, habits or emotions! 

Habits are build so fast, it's hard to keep track of them, but it's even harder to undo them once they're made. The goal here is to make them your friend, not your enemy. To create habits that bring out the best in you and steadily contribute to your full potential.. and to mine too! 

I wrote a little post for you, with 5 decisions to think about when changing your home. It might also make you want to start fresh with your existing home and fix it up a little, so it feels unfamiliar!


Decide to ..

1. Only keep the things you love the most.

Getting attached to our belongings is natural. We fall in love with owning a variety of clothes and accessories, little gadgets, memories, deco items and so forth, but when you add it all up, most of the time, the feeling isn't of exhilarated love and prosperity, but rather of clutter, confusion and a whole lot of responsibility. 

Most of the time, we end of forgetting altogether about some things we own and store. That doesn't sound like we appreciate what we own, does it?

I'm not necessarily implying you should start living a minimal lifestyle if you don't want to, but what I am saying is that you should use this fresh start to truly think about each and every item you're brining into your new home.. and new life. 

I talked about Marie Kondo's book The magic of tidying up a long time ago, but many of the lessons are still very vivid in my mind. When I was packing part of the stuff I wanted to bring to my new place, I asked myself if that particular thing still makes me happy. 

Not if it made me happy, once in my lifetime, but right now, does it still play a role in my life at this very stage?

If it doesn't, then there has to be no drama, guilt or nostalgia. The item had been there for me when I had needed it, and now it is time for me to let it go and give it to someone who would use it and love it more than I do. This idea of donating always excites me and helps me decide if it's truly important for me or not. Picturing someone else being happy because of a gift I give them makes me really enthusiastic about saying a loving goodbye. It also makes me feel like I truly respect and love the things I'm left with. I'd rather adore every little bit of my home, within every drawer, box or shelf, than have no idea how many things I have and where they're at!

It's a more respectful, mindful and peaceful type of existence.. and, chances are, it will bring you much more joy once you do decide to buy some new things, you noticed you truly need.


2. Dedicate a particular place for everything you own. 

This one might seem obvious, but for some reason, most people don't do it.

Now that you don't feel guilty for not packing your entire house and moving it into your new place, it's time to make sure you'll keep this great sense of order in your new home long term. 

This is easy if you decide from the very beginning, what goes where. You might need to invest a little in a few nice boxes, drawer dividers or baskets, but you'll thank yourself later. If you don't want to spend too much cash though, you can always get working on a little DIY project with the people you love! 

This way, if you keep things in the same place, all the time, and you'll return them to their place once you finish using them, you'll never miss-place anything, ever. No more lost keys, headphones, scissors, old photo albums or whatnot. Insist on putting everything back in place right after use, the first few months, until it starts being a mindless habit. 

When deciding on the best place for storage, consider how often you've used those things in the past and make them easy or hard to reach accordingly. Make sure everyone living in the new home knows the layout of how you've organized your storage. If needed, you can color-coordinate or use little notes on the boxes or shelves, where you keep smaller items stashed together. Always plan for extra space for things you only use a time of the year, like Christmas decoration or Halloween outfits. 


3. Define special places for unique activities 

Just like your things are easier to find when they have a place you associate with them, so are different moods and habits tied to particular places.

You should have a predefined spot for relaxation, for deep focus, for creativity, for enjoying a meal and for whatever hobby you have going on. 

If you can't afford having a dedicated room for work, play, sleep etc., then make sure you create little defined spaces inside a room, where you only do one particular type of task. 

What I mean here, is making it easy for yourself to follow through the daily tasks you need or want to do. Whether we want to or not, or mind acts on patterns we've created. Moving into a new home or refreshing an old one, is a great chance for you to break that pattern and optimize it. 

If you ever work or learn from home, make sure to only do it from a little desk you set up for yourself. Getting a clear mind and right into a state of flow is so much easier when you're subconscious mind knows exactly what to do in that particular environment. Having a special ritual, like lighting a candle or brining a cup of coffee to the desk can be a great trigger for you to start work and stop procrastinating, but hanging on to the same place is crucial! If your mom calls and you want to pick it up, get away from your desk while you're chatting. Only return once you're ready to get back to your flow.

When you go to bed, never take anything with you in the bedroom, that does not have anything to do with sleep, relaxation or romance. Having a lot of gadgets in the room may prevent you from falling asleep or might even interfere with the quality of sleep you're having. If you're mind associates work, play, breakfast and rest to your bed, it won't know what to do once you're there. You're getting so many patterns overridden, you'll probably be a bit of everything: kinda hungry, kinda distracted, worrying about undone work etc.

Also, make sure to always eat at the table, from a plate. Never at your desk, in front of the TV, bedroom or anywhere else you're not meant to be eating. Otherwise, you'll start craving snacks while you're working or eating mindlessly while you're not even paying attention when watching Netflix. This will prevent you from over eating or snacking, it will also keep things tidy and keep your mind focused on whatever it is you're doing.


4. Make your bedroom media free

I hinted about this at the previous point, but I want to make sure it sinks in. Having wireless routers, plugged in gadgets, blue screens, noisy TVs and other types of digital media have been shown to interfere with a general sense of well being. The radio frequency of all these electronic devices are affecting our health, both physical and mental. 

Instead of opting for a high tech bedroom with as many possible distractions and plug-ins, try to keep those toys for the living room and let your bedroom be a kingdom of peace, quite and passion. Make it all about slowing down and disconnecting from the real world, because, quite honesly, that's what you're supposed to be doing in there anyway. Weather you're off to dream-land or getting intimate with your partner, it's so much more pleasurable if you don't have notifications pop up all the time next to your head.

I wanted to make my bedroom completely electricity-free, but I found an even better solution. I had someone fix me up a switch on the wall, that takes away all electricity from the room with one single click. That means no radiation, no noise, no light while I sleep. We both also decided on keeping our bed a phone-free space and it did wonders to our relationship. You really should try this one, your partner will love it!


5. Stock up on healthy foods & keep the rest out of your pantry!

Make it a rule to not bring anything unhealthy inside the house. Just like that. 

If you want to have junk food, you might as well go out and have a whole dining out experience, but don't make it a habit of having unhealthy foods lying around everywhere. 

The easiest way to keep a healthy diet and lifestyle is to not store junk in the house. Think about it. You'll save money not buying them, you'll save yourself from the guilt and disappointment you feel when giving into cravings, you probably won't have any cravings if you aren't exposed to them all of the time and besides, once you do decide to have a cheat meal, you'll have to make a conscious decision of going out to have it AND you'll enjoy it more, because it will be a special occasion.

Use the momentum of starting fresh to build this new habit and you'll thank yourself a lifetime! 





The point is, to do things the easy way: instead of trying to become the person you'd like to be and hope that someday you'll have the lifestyle you desire, make the space you're in, reflect the person you'd like to become and it will help you make your way there. Does that make sense to you?

Of course, I'm not saying you need or should change anything about yourself, you probably already do a lot of the things I've listed above, but if you're already satisfied, this is a powerful way to keep yourself on track, feeling proud, confident and in love with yourself and your life. 

And then again, it's not impossible to get the benefits of this even if you're not necessarily changing homes. You can still make those 5 decisions and if you're willing to commit, you'll get the very same results.

Alright, that's it for today. I'll leave you with a glimpse of what the mood is like in my kitchen nowadays.. and how a sexy red bra can change the entire scene! 





Oh, and let me know if there are other important decisions you took or are planning to take when you move in a new place? I'm dying to discuss about this topic!



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