5 Unexpected Books To Read This Summer

@ the new Diverta Bookstore in Cluj-Napoca, Unirii Square.

@ the new Diverta Bookstore in Cluj-Napoca, Unirii Square.

my Most delicious reads!

Have you ever had that weird feeling of having a book glued to your hand and your eyes unable to steer away from the pages? Yeah. Me too. Almost as intense as seeing my boyfriend sweating in the gym.

Oh boy, have I ever told you I like my man most when he’s breathlessly working out in a grey sweater? Mmm! Who the heck needs a suit anyway?! But never mind that! Today, we’re talking about stimulation alright. Not for the eyes, of course, but for the mind and soul.

In my last post, I told you all my secrets to reading a book every week. One of them, is listening to them on digital platforms, like Audible or Scribd, on high speed 1.2x or 1.5x.

This time, I want to dive in deeper and give you a few of my favorite books I read lately. I’m sure they’ll be great company at the beach this summer. Nothing quite like reading a good book by the sound of the waves, right?

Enough small talk! Let’s dive in.



Come as you are - EMILY NAGOSKY

If you ever had any question or confusion related to sex or just wondered if this is all there is, you absolutely need to buy this book. All though most case studies in it were about women over 40, I think it should be given to all girls just starting their sex life. For all of us who never had a chance to get a proper sexual education before our first sexy encounters, it’s still gold — and it’s not too late.

What I love most about it, is the fact that Emily Nagosaki busts through a handful of myths related to female sexuality. She talks about our anatomy, our hormones, our sex drive, our orgasms and all the differences and similarities between men and women. Do you want to take your sex life to the next level? This is the place to start.

Understanding why we’re different and just how much we’re actually the same, can cure frustration and feelings of inadequacy that can appear even in the strongest couples or most confident women. Emily does more than explain the whats and the whys. She goes deeper and shows us strategies on how to explore our sexuality, put pleasure first and love ourselves just the way we are. I honestly think there’s at least one Aha-moment hidden in that book for everyone, even men! Actually, especially men! You’ll see what I mean after you read it.





If you come to think of it, our entire lives are made of our habits. Most of what we do every day is a habit. The way we get dressed, brush our teeth, what and how we eat, where we go and even who we talk to. Emotional states can also be habitual. We might be used to being angry in traffic or lazy in the afternoon. These ways of being have been conditioned in our systems by consistent repetition. In Atomic Habits, James gives us actionable steps to build or destroy any habit, so that all our desires become inevitable side effects of our tiny daily actions!

Life design = habit design

Habits make change really easy, because they dissolve the need for willpower. You don’t need motivation to put on your shoes when you get out of the house or brush your teeth from the left to right. It doesn’t even cross your mind! These are automatic actions ingrained in your brain, so that your conscious mind can focus on other things. It’s in our nature to save energy, so are many other things that the author talks about.

Ever since I incorporated his strategies, I hit my record of going to the gym at least 5 times a week for two months. I also hacked my fridge and made avoiding processed foods inherently easy! Now I’m putting together a yoga routine to turn it into a habit. What is it you would like to do more of or stop doing? I promise, whatever it is, you can do it (or stop doing!) if you follow the 4 laws identified by James.





It’s hard not to fall in love with this book, because it’s basically a selection of reaallly great interviews with some of the most inspiring people of our times. Tim has had access to the brightest minds through his podcast and many of the strategies, mindsets and routines of the people he’s interviewed are curated neatly in this book.

It’s a huge book by the way, not really a lecture to keep in your purse, but it’s absolutely perfect to place on your coffee table. So you can enjoy the short chapters (about 3-5 pages) from each contributor, while sipping on your cappuccino in the morning. I love to start my day inspired, don’t you? I find that it never lets me down when I need a little boost of motivation or some good life advice. I’m even a bit nerdy with this one, actually, I have a little superstition around it. I think that whatever page I randomly select, has exactly what I need to hear on it. And it was always true. Bedside the input from a few dozens of high achievers, Tim also shares his favorite practical tools or routines he has integrated in his own lifestyle, after learning from the greats.

This is by far my favorite book from the author, but I do suggest you pick up the 4 Hour Work Week as well. And if you like the guy, sign up for his podcast, you’ll probably love that even more!







I’m guilty of having a huge fascination for everything metaphysical. I find there’s so much great wisdom in eastern belief systems and am quite accustomed to the concept of prana, or life-force, but you don’t have to be in order to pick up the book. Joe explains everything for a large audience. He aims to teach us how to take control of our own destinies, by changing our subconscious mind, by going within. There’s a school of thought that argues that we, as consciousness, are cocreating our realities with our intentions, our belief systems, our emotions. While there’s much to debate about the law of attraction and other controversial theories, I think it’s an intimate decision for each of us to figure out what we believe in. In the mean time, Dr. Joe Dispenza is busy healing people from seemingly incurable illnesses and transporting them to what seems like an impossible lifestyle, just through the power of the mind. I’ve read a bunch of his books and was truly intrigued by his approach. He aims to explain magic with quantum physics. Both of them, he makes really easy to grasp.

I know there’s a lot of resistance around this belief system and, like any theory that tries to answer the worlds biggest questions, it’s highly likely to be flawed. But in my opinion, I don’t really care about the critics, as much as I care about the results. If it works, then it’s good enough for me. I have no idea how my bluetooth works either, but that doesn’t stop me from magically transporting files from my laptop to my phone. Hell, if I can transport all my desires to my current reality, there’s nobody going to stop me. I’ve tried his meditations, the tool he teaches to change one’s subconscious mind, and I must say, incredible sincronicites started to happen. The byproduct of the many inexplicable coincidences I’ve had ever since, has opened my appetite to start going deeper in finding my spirituality and my true beliefs. I’ll share more about this another time.





Talking about belief systems, this author is a self entitled life designer that kicks all limiting beliefs out of his way, by exposing them for what they are, just a belief - not a reality. Most beliefs we hold are not even ours, Vishen explains. Many of the things we believe we can or can not do are just inhereted from our families, our peers or our society. That means, we never put them to a test! We don’t know, what we don’t know, right? But as long as we label ourselves or whatever we want in any limiting way, we never even try! By noticing and throwing out the beliefs that are not serving us, we are free to start living up to our full potential.

Vishen is the CEO of Mindvalley, a company focused on filling in the gaps of human education. He was also a nobody not too long ago, and now, he’s definitlely a success by many people’s standards. The company he runs is multicultural, the people he hangs out with are leaders in all industries and well, he started an epic personal development festival. Talk about combining growth with adventure! All though he is a bit upsalesy and has a more aggressive marketing strategy than I personally prefer, I do think his work in this book and on his platform are worthwhile. Ever since I discovered them, I’ve had quite a few epiphanies myself. I was able to forgive someone from my past that has truly hurt me, I’ve been able to completely shift my perception about money and have started investing proper time in figuring out what the heck it is that I want out of this life — and focus on getting it.

The code of the extraordinary mind gives you a framework on how to think, about the things you think. In order to shift anything, you need to shift a meta-belief: the belief, that any belief can be changed. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Alright you guys, that’s my list for now. I’ll probably keep on sharing one of these every now and then, but I gotta say, I expect you to share your favorites with me too!

Let me know how you feel about the books above after you’ve read them and if you find you never have enough time to actually read, allow me to help you with the tactics I shared in my previous post. They work.