3 NO-Sugar Nice Cream Recipes You Need To Make This Summer

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How to make Nice Cream

I've bragged a whole lot about my quitting sugar and you must be wondering how the hell I manage going through summer without having ice cream, right?

That was one of my first worries once I decided I was going to take one year off of all types of refined sugars. But, you know what?

I love something more than I love desserts. That little something is fruit. ( and pizza, sorry )

So making Nice Cream - a guilt free, natural, home-made ice cream is my go-to solution to whenever I'm feeling deprived. 

I'm also really happy when I've got my hands dirty in the kitchen. I'm no master chef, but I find it ridiculously fun to improvise. So when I saw the rain shaking my dad's raspberries to the ground, I said, that's it! I need to save those berries!



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I wanted to use them asap for something yummy, because, you know, they're bio and they only lasts a few days tops (if I keep them in air-tight concealers). 

So what do you know? I said I'd just make a big batch of nice cream to show my friends that life without sugar is fun too. Proving myself really got me fired up, so I went for it. 

First step: I went shopping for some ingredients. Here's what I got:





Shopping for Nice Cream

Don't ever go shopping on an empty stomach, 'cause that's what I did. And while setting out to make one rasberry sugar-free dessert, I ended up making three different types.

Ah well, none of my friends complained and I figured it would make a great post for you guys too. The only down side is that I ate waaay too much these last two days.

Alright. Here's the deal. When you're making ice cream at home, which is supposed to be a healthy alternative, you need a smooth base to give it a creamy texture. Fat is the key.

There are 4 fatty & healthy foods you can use to achieve that: banana, avocado, greek yogurt or coconut milk. 

To sweeten things up I used either fresh fruit or dried fruit. To add extra flavour I went for dark chocolate, cacao powder, shaved coconut or vanilla beans.

You can improvise whatever recipe you want if you use a fatty base, but make sure you're not adding anything too watery (that's why I kept all my fruit whole, except for the banana that is part of the base and is low on water). Otherwise, you just need to have a blender. Oh, and a freezer, hah.

Sounds easy, right?

It really is SO easy and you can get really creative once you get the hang of it. 

Keep on reading, I'll share all 3 exact recipes I used, below. 





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1. Coconut blueberry


Coconut Milk 1/2 can

2 Spoons of Coconut Butter

2 Frozen Bananas

A handful of fresh Blueberries

Garnish with shaved coconut or fresh blueberries




Put the peeled bananas and canned coconut milk in the freezer 2-6h prior to use. 

Blend the dense pulp of the coconut milk without adding the water, with the bananas and coconut butter.

Pour in a container and gently add the blueberries.

Put it back in the freezer for another 3-5h before serving.

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2. Currant raspberry


250g Greek yogurt (20-30% fat)

1 Vanilla Bean

2 Frozen Bananas

A handful of fresh Raspberries

Optional: 1 Spoon of Raw Honey

Currants for garnish



Put the peeled bananas in the freezer 2-6h prior to use.

Mix all ingredients in the blender, except for the fresh fruit.

Add the mix to a container and add the raspberries and currants evenly for flavour. 

Put it back in the freezer for another 3-5h before serving.

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3. Dark Choco and Cherry


250g Greek yogurt (20-30% fat)

5-6 dried Figs

2 Frozen Bananas

A handful of fresh Cherries

Dark Chocolate ( 70-100% cacao)

Raw cacao powder.


Put the peeled bananas in the freezer 2-6h prior to use.

Blend the bananas, figs and yogurt. Put half of the mix in a container and blend the other half with 5-6 table spoons of cacao powder. 

Pour the other half in the container and mix lightly to create an uneven coloring. 

Garnish with cherries, bits of black chocolate and some more powder. 

Put it back in the freezer for another 3-5h before serving.



P.S. Containers

Most plastic containers slowly leak their substance in the foods they store and that is a serious health concern. No wonder we've got so many allergies, hormonal imbalances and who knows what other diseases! We're literally eating plastic almost daily. 

If you're passionate about healthy cooking, you need to know about these smart seal kitchen accessories I've been using.

Aside from the pastel lids that stole my heart, they're also PBA free. Anyhow, these little babies are modular and you can pile them up in the fridge, cabinets or freezer to keep everything nice and orderly.

And because of their sealed lids, they keep fruit, like my poor raspberries or the currants my bff brought me, fresher, longer. 





You can find them at Mega Image. There's an offer running until the beginning of August, where they're selling them with 70% off if you've gathered enough shopping points.

Honestly, I got my turquoise Neoflam containers as a gift from Mega Image Romania for being one of their long term collaborators, but I immediately went in stores to get myself the pastel pink version too. I just had to have those cuties! I figured They'd be perfect to keep some nuts and fruit in my purse when travelling, without me worrying they'd spill.

Oh, and my baby (kitchen) is almost ready and I couldn't be more excited to fill it with all these toys. How about you? Are you a kitchen gadget freak like me, ha?

Now I really want to hear from you!

  • Do you have any no-added-sugar recipes to share with me? I'd LOVE to find out!

  • Also, how do you store your food when on the go?

  • Do you have any kitchen hacks you discovered, that changed your life for the better?

Let me know in the comments below.