How To Turn Your Thoughts Into Life Commandments - Here's my list of 27.

Credits: Vlad Petrut

Credits: Vlad Petrut


This is life in my terms.

I see myself as a writer, so whenever I get the slightest idea of doing a mental exercise, I'm thrilled to put my words down in front of me. To study them. To see what comes up.

In my point of view, writing has always meant self discovery.

That's what I did today. 

I got inspired by a fellow blogger I told you about in my last post, Gretchen Rubin. She's a great human being, mystified by people's common traits. I like that. I like people that don't always look for the differences, but rather for the binding factors.

It's nice to feel you belong. You know, to humanity!

Okay, so she did this cute exercise of writing her commandments. Things she likes to remind herself of, every day. It's practically a set of rules, that only make sense to her.

While I was reading, I got curious what mine were, so I gave it go. And here's what I got.


  1. Action, not reaction.
  2. Reward everything you want more of.
  3. Ask and you shall be given.
  4. Don't have more. Be more.
  5. Go outside.
  6. First, you give.
  7. It's either a success or a lesson.
  8. Just win the day.
  9. Show up.
  10. There's only grey.
  11. Write it down.
  12. You are who ever you want to be.
  13. Act the way you want to feel.
  14. You already know the answer.
  15. It’s really not about you.
  16. Zoom out. Get perspective.
  17. Actually, it can be simple.
  18. Not deciding is deciding.
  19. Sleep on it.
  20. There's always more to discover.
  21. Stop. Look. Listen. 
  22. Let them know you.
  23. Life comes in seasons.
  24. You don't have to do anything.
  25. Start now.
  26. Different must be different.
  27. Create.


These are the things I say in my mind a few times a day. 

I find it a really intimate thing to know about another person, so I thought you'd appreciate me sharing this with you.

I like to keep my phrases short and on point. It kinda boils down my life philosophies in little snappy points I can paint on the back of my eyes, while going through my daily, usual thoughts. 

There will probably be lots of things you don't agree on. And that's okay.

We've all had different life experiences and they thought us what to believe about ourselves, the people around us and how the world works all together. Most of the time, you find yourself having commandments that either emphasise the things you never do, so you feel the need to give yourself advice, or the things you always do.

Do you want to do this exercise yourself?

I'd love it for you to do it over here, so we can talk about them. Also, is there anything you're wondering about from my list? I'd be happy to explain my take on it. 

Okay, now it's your turn! Feel free to borrow anything you like in your own list.

Let's see!