Your 2018 life planner is free to download



Create a plan.. create a life.

I think that by now we all now how important it is to set a clear intent for your years, months, weeks or days. But, I do believe there's nothing quite like the new year to give you the momentum to push through anything.

Doesn't it make you feel like you're on to something amazing?

When it comes to setting goals, knowing precisely what you want and why is crucial. I already took you through the HOWs of goal setting in my latest blogpost, where I told you what to look out for in a goal, what mistakes to avoid and how to create a truly unique vision worth your time. 

This year, like every other in the past few, I'm sharing my planner with you.




It's a couple of sheets meant for you to download, print and fill with your vision for the coming year. 

Make great use of it. Make 2018 absolutely undoubtedly inevitably epic, alright?

There you go!




What's inside?

  1. Values Hierarchy & Daily Codes of Conduct
  2. Goal Planner for 3 categories
  3. Goal Sheets (for motivation & strategy building)
  4. Spirituality
  5. Events & Travel planner
  6. Reading list
  7. Habit builder ( 30 day challenge)
  8. Shopping / Wish list
  9. Blank notes