May, be beautiful


There's sun screen on my skin, the smell reminding me of sandy summers.

The window is wide open, allowing the fresh air to come in. The sun got here first, lighting up my room. My desk is right next to the window, there's a super sized blended vanilla ice cream coffee on my desk. ( I'm also a part time barista when I procrastinate )  Beside it, a bunch of papers, neon highlighters, books and a sticky note, yelling at me to start studying already.

"Gosh, this weather is killing me."

How can one study when there's so much to do, so much to see, so many things to try - outside!

Procrastination even got me thinking of impossible things: like me learning french. "Excusez-moi?"

Nothing new, every student knows for sure what I'm going through. And I'm usually one of those kids that get really geeky about school.

Then again, just like exams are catching up on me, so is my B-day. For me, summer starts with a bang! 1st June is every child's day, 2nd June, is mine. I'm daydreaming a lot. Thinking about about how I'd like to spend it.

They say geminis are teen souls trapped in mature bodies, guess they got this one right.

Diana Rogo Vivify chest piece
Chest piece: Vivify find it here

Photo: Andrei Dragon Photography


Am inceput deja sa folosesc crema cu protectie solara, iar mirosul ei imi aminteste de verile cu degetele in nisip.

Geamul l-am deschis larg, lasand aerul proaspat sa-mi intre in camera. Razele soarelui au ajuns inaintea lui, luminandu-mi biroul. Mi-am facut o cafea cu inghetata de vanilie la blender ( procrestinand, imi antrenez talentul de barista ), am asezat-o langa un morman de foi. Intre ele se pierd marcarele fostforescente, carti si peste toate e un biletel amenintator, amintindu-mi sa ma apuc de invatat.

"Vai, vremea asta ma omoara!"

Cum poate cineva sa invete cand sunt atatea de facut, de vazut si de incercat - afara?

Ocupandu-mi mintea cu orice altceva decat ceea ce am de facut, am ajuns sa cred in lucruri imposibile, imaginandu-mi ca as putea invata vreodata franceza. " Excusez-moi? " 

Poveste familiara oricarui student, chiar daca in mod normal ma preocupa cu placere facultatea mea.

Pe de alta parte, asa cum se aproprie examenele, asa se grabeste si ziua mea. 1 iunie e ziua tuturor copiilor, iar 2 e a mea. Sunt atatea feluri in care mi-ar placea sa o petrec.

Se spune ca gemenii raman toata viata adolescenti, cred ca aici au nimerit-o bine.