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it's better

to be absolutely ridiculous

than absolutely boring

H&M floral Hairpin


One short post and I'm out!

My empty luggage awaits me in my bedroom. But, as you can see, I'm quite busy with much more 'important' stuff than packing.

Sun Waves is one of my favorite music festivals - minimal music, hipsters with sand in their boots and the sunset reflected in the dark sea. Nights and days merge unnoticed, sleeping hours are always delayed because the party -still- goes on! How does it sound? The butterflies in my tummy are going ballistic!

For those who haven't got a chance to see Mamaia in May, should imagine a shore full of very interesting young people. Girls hidden behind their sunglasses with the craziest hair colors can make a rainbow jealous. Occult or impossibly creative tattoos will make you take your own shades lower down you nose, because you just may take a better glimpse of what they stand for.. The people seem to breath along with to the beat. Their lose, comfy clothes combined with eccentric accessories and hardcore boots suit the salty air perfectly.


O postare rapida si am plecat.

Bagajul ma asteapta gol in dormitor. Iar dupa cum se vede, am avut treburi mult mai 'importante' de rezolvat inainte de drumul catre mare.

Sun Waves e unul dintre festivalele mele preferate - muzica minimalista, hipsterii cu nisipi in bocanci si rasaritul oglindit in mare. Noptile si zilele se contopesc, orele de somn se amana mereu, pentru ca petrecerea -inca- continua. Cum suna? Mie imi trezeste toti fluturasii din stomac.

Pentru cei care inca nu au avut ocazia sa vina la Mamaia in luna Mai, imaginati-va plaja plina de tineri care de care mai interesanti. In parul fetelor ascunse dupa ochelarii de soare, se gasesc cele mai indraznete culori. Tatuajele oculte sau imposibil de creative te fac sa-ti dai jos proprii ochelari, doar de ai vedea mai bine.. Hainele lalai, comode cu accesorii extcentrice si incaltaminte robusta a figurilor care par sa respire dupa beat, se imbina perfect cu aerul sarat al marii negre.

H&M floral tourquise Hairpin
H&M floral hairpins glue

Last year I bought this pair of sunglasses from H&M, but as usual, after only one season they already feel boring. I decided to bring them back to life, by adapting them to my present tastes.

I found the fake flower hair pins at H&M as well. I was waiting in line to pay my stuff, thinking twice if I'd picked up the right size for my lingerie. When my turn finally came- I spotted them! A bunch of vivid colored flowers, robing my attention.

Right after clipping the hair pins on some random wayfarer imitations I found in the shop, I found my place in line again. By then I figured out how I would like the glasses to look like and I picked out the colors guided by my emotions. I still feel the same, it's called: enthusiastic

I cut out the pins and filled the empty place with super strong glue, then I attached them to the frame. The cherry on top was that, thanks to the remaining clips that held the flowers on the glasses while the adhesive dried up, I could type my post.

Done! I'm already busy packing.

See you at the sea side dearest, or at my next post!

Anul trecut mi-am luat perechea asta de ochelari de la H&M, iar cum se intampla mai mereu, dupa un sezon deja au devenit "fumati". M-am decis sa-i aduc inapoi la viata, adaptandui la gusturile mele actuale.

Tot la H&M am gasit si agrafele florale intr-o diversitate fascinanta de culori. Eram la casa cand mi-a venit ideea, imi asteptam impacientata randul, gandindu-ma de trei ori daca mi-am ales bine marimea la lenjerie. Cand sa ajung si eu in fata - l-am ochit! Un morman de floricele intr-o paleta de culori atat de vii.

Am mai stat o data la coada, imediat dupa ce am prins agrafele de o pereche aleatorie de ochelari imitatie wayfarer, care i-am gasit prin magazin. Mi-am facut o idee cum ar arata si am ales culorile in functie de starea de spirit de atunci. Aceeasi stare o am si acum, se numeste entuziasm!

Am scos clipsurile, am umplut golul ramas cu lipici ultra puternic si le-am atasat de rama. Iar cireasa de pe tort: multumita agrafelor ramase, care imi fac treaba pana se usuca lipiciul, pot tasta linistita articolul.

Gata! Deja sunt in cu mainile in geamantan.

Ne vedem la mare dragilor, sau daca nu, la urmatoarea postare!

H&M DIY Floral decorated Party Sunglasses
Why fit in when you were born to stand out?
— Dr. Seuss