No need for further introduction - we all know the deliciously colorful world of Pinterest!

The one any only site where scrolling NEVER gets boring.

If you don't already lose half of your internet browsing time pinning things on funny named boards, then you have no idea what you've been missing out on - the eye candy parallel universe starts with a "Pin".

You can find my profile above. ^^ I made boards for my Blog's posts. I must admit, I was too lazy  to make as good as any boards before the Blog, "liking" stuff seemed way easier. And as always, when too lazy, you end up having big regrets - Do you have any idea how frustrating it is to search for that one absolutely awesome DIY post in a bunch of another 3K ?! You already forget what you're looking for after the first 20 pictures you see, at least I do. Then again, I'm following quite a lot of healthy snacks and desert boards, so I'll be on my way to the fridge by the time I actually start looking for anything.

What I actually wanted to say is that there's nothing wrong with being addicted to this kind of pleasure seeking. We're visual creatures and we're eager to learn - Pinterest brings them all together. You can select your interests and share them for everyone to see.

I want us to keep connected, so let's use all the goodies today's technology has given us.

You can follow me here. And by the way, I finally made a Facebook Page for Dyrogue. I hope you'll like it.

Have a great day guys,

I did!

This life is sweeter than fiction


I've been thinking on having a Giveaway for Dyrogue's 1st month celebration. How do you feel about it?