10 Things I learned from Blogging


There are just a few days until Dyrogue's 1st year celebration! Besides from planing a party to celebrate, I've also taken some time to think about how it had changes my life and what this experience had thought me so far.


Yuuhuu! Mai sunt numai cateva zile pana la aniversarea de un an al blogului! Iar pe langa organizarea unei petreceri care sa serbeze evenimentul, am petrecut putin timp gandindu-ma cum m-a schimbat aceasta experienta si ce m-a invatat pana acum.

Blowing out the vanilla candles after finishing up a post while in Berlin.

Blowing out the vanilla candles after finishing up a post while in Berlin.

1.  There is no such thing as the "right moment".

If you've been with me from the beginning, then you probably know I launched Dyrogue in April last year. Well, the very first article I've written was in December, while the plain idea of starting a blog came to me about a year before that.

Today, the only regret I have was not doing this earlier..

But I wasn't ready. I didn't know all the details, I couldn't decide on the topics, nor did I have a clear vision of the design. The time wasn't right and the whole thing seemed scary.

When I finally made up my mind on some major issues, I was good to go, but there was still something not quite right.

There was always something missing, you know?

The blog was not the only thing on my plate back then and I felt I needed to run all my errands and finish everything else before I could dedicate all my time to making this work.

Guess what?

There was always something else to do, no matter how many things I wiped of my to-do-list.

I was underestimating myself at every step, too.

What if I'm not good at writing? What if my pictures are not pretty enough? Oh my God, what if nobody reads it? And other destructive things went through my mind.

- "You'll find out and make them better, how could you know before you even start?" Andrei argued.

You see, it's a fools trap to forget that everything your doing is first of all for yourself.

I kinda lost sight that I wanted this for the way I thought it would give meaning to my daily life.

When I stopped and gave myself a break from wanting to be perfect, I finally got back on a road of improvement. And there I was, popping champagne with Andrei, happy for starting this new adventure!

And boy, I had no idea what an adventure it would be!

Daca mi-ai fost alaturi inca de la inceput, atunci probabil ca stii deja ca am lansat Dyrogue in luna aprilie anul trecut. Insa primul articol pe care l-am scris a fost gata inca din decembrie, iar ideea de a-mi face un blog a venit cu inca un an in urma.

Astazi, singurul lucru pe care-l regret e faptul ca nu am inceput mai devreme..

Dar nu am fost pregatita. Nu stiam toate detaliile , nu ma puteam hotara la un subiect anume si nici nu aveam o imagine clara a cum voiam sa arate siteul. Timpul nu parea sa fie potrivit niciodata si imi era frica oricum de reactiile pe care urma sa le primesc.

Cand am decis lucrurile majore legate de blog, eram practic gata de publicare, dar parca totusi mai lipsea ceva.

Mai aveam si altele pe cap si voiam sa-mi finalizez toate treburile inainte sa-mi pot dedica tot timpul pentru materializarea lui.

Dar ghici ce?

Nu s-au terminat niciodata! Totdeauna mai aveam si altceva de facut, oricat de multe randuri as fi taiat de pe to-do-list.

Pe langa asta, ma subestimam mereu. 

Daca nu scriu destul de bine? Daca nu sunt pozele suficient de bune? Doamne, daca nu va citi nimeni?

- "Vei afla si vei incerca sa le imbunatatesti, dar n-ai cum sa stii pana nu incerci." ma certa Andrei.

E capcana prostului sa uiti ca ceea ce faci trebuie intai sa-ti placa tie.

Aproape uitasem ca imi doream blogul pentru felul in care credeam ca ma va face sa-mi apreciez viata.

Cand in sfarsit am incetat sa fiu autodistructiva, asteptand mereu perfectiunea, m-am intors pe calea care ma ducea spre ceea ce-mi doream. Abia apoi ciocneam pahare de sampanie cu Andrei, incantata de inceputul unei noi aventuri!

Si habar nu aveam ce aventura ma asteapta!

2. You can't please everybody - nor should you!

While we were having our champagne to celebrate something really big for me, for others it was just another girl with another blog.

Some were pleased about it, some were not.

This was the very first lesson that I needed to learn before getting serious. Getting hurt was the only alternative.

Blogging, at least the personal one I'm doing around here, is making you vulnerable. Giving the world insight on your thoughts and opinions has a dark side too. 

Of course, if you think about it, there is no reason why you'd want every one to agree with what you're saying.

People have different backgrounds, different understanding of the thing happening around them and a completely moody behavior, if you could make everyone like you, then you either don't have opinions at all or you're somewhat of a hypocrite.

You can't meet two opposite without being bipolar.

I think the only way one can ever be happy is if they stay true to what they feel is right, to try to improve by tolerating different mind sets and to keep learning from them, in a constructive critical manner.

In timp ce noi savuram sampania si ne bucuram de ceva atat de semnificativ pentru mine, pentru altul a fost doar "uite inca o tipa cu un blog".

Unii au fost incantati, altii mai putin.

Aceasta a fost prima lectie pe care trebuia sa o invat inainte sa devina ceva serios. Singura alternativa a fost sa fiu ranita.

Bloggingul, cel putin stilul personal pe care l-am adoptat eu, te face vulnerabil. Dand lumii voie sa-ti citeasca gandurile si sa-ti afle parerile are si o latura intunecata.

Bineinteles, daca stau sa ma gandesc, nu e nici un motiv pentru care mi-as dori ca toata lumea sa fie de acord cu ceea ce spun sau fac.

Oamenii vin din contexte diferite, inteleg cu totul diferit ceea ce se intampla in jurul lor, iar comportamentul le e dictat adesea de starea de spirit. Acum, daca ar fi sa-i putem multumi pe toti, fie n-am avea pareri deloc, fie am fi intr-un fel ipocriti.

Nu-mi pot imagina cum s-ar putea inalni doua pareri complet opuse in argumentarile noastre, asta daca nu suntem dusi cu pluta, haha.

Cred ca singurul mod in care putem fi fericiti e sa ne ascultam propile simturi care ne indica ce e bine sau nu, dar totodata sa toleram opinile celor din jur, intr-o forma de critica constructiva.

3. Writing is liberating!

I used to like writing essays in school and I have a very storytelling like inner dialog that lives inside me, but honey, you have no idea how relaxing writing can be!

( or you may have an idea and if so I know you feel me here )

The thing with writing is as practical as a shopping list and as self nurturing as meditation.

The practical part is helping you get a clear sight of your thoughts.

I write thousands of lists about anything, from what I cherish in a very moment, to a bucket list memo, to quotes I read in books.

These are things that I don't want to forget.

Don't imagine some kind of a table with bullets, rather a chaotic mumble-jumble of arrows and lines and circles over sketched words.

This is the way I think, so this is the way I plan. In a sweet impulsive manner.

From the understanding of your own mind to blossoming new ideas is just a tiny step.

To be honest, I never think about what I'm going to write in my next post, I just let it unwind by itself, like a dream you start remembering.

There is something very pleasant about being alone in your mind and laying it out there slowly. Yes, slowly, writing takes time and thanks to that, you get to ponder and ask yourself twice why you think what you do, and what you really liked or hated about something you're saying.

For me, it's also a trip of senses.

I take time to remember the music, to imagine the taste or the smell that I associate with what I'm saying. I feel it's a kind of meditation and I would recommend it to anyone.

Not necessarily in a public form, like a blog, but in a journal.

A thick booklet as beautiful as the soul you pour inside it.

Derulandu-mi viata inapoi la zilele de scoala, imi amintes ca-mi placea sa scriu compuneri. Totdeauna am avut un fundal narativ pe care-mi construiam gandurile, dar nu m-am gandit niciodata cat de relaxant poate fi sa le scriu!

Partea cu scrisul mi-se pare atat eficienta ca o lista de cumparaturi, cat si hranitoare pentru suflet ca o sedinta de meditatie.

In general fac mii de liste, incepand cu lucrusoare pe care le observ si le apreciez intr-o zi, la completari pentru un bucket-list imaginar, pana la citate preferate din diverse carti.

Sunt lucruri pe care chiar nu vreau sa le uit.

Nu-ti imagina insa ca le notez ca intr-un tabel cu liniute, ci mai degraba intr-un haos mazgalit cu sageti, linii si cercuri peste cuvinte schitate.

Acesta e felul in care gandesc, asa ca le scriu in aceeasi maniera impulsiva.

De la organizarea proprilor ganduri la inflorirea lor e doar un pas.

Ca sa fiu sincera, niciodata nu-mi propun cu adevarat ce sa scriu in urmatoarea postare. Prefer sa o las sa curga de la sine, iar ideile imi vin pe rand, ca un vis pe care abia incepi sa ti-l amintesti.

E ceva foarte placut in a fi singur in propria minte si a-ti transforma incet gandurile in fraze. Da, incet, scrisul iti ia timp, dar tocmai de aceea iti ofera sansa sa reflecti asupra proprilor pareri si sa regandesti ce anume ti-a placut sau nu la o experienta.

Pentru mine e de asemenea si o calatorie a simturilor.

Dau multa importanta gusturilor si miresmelor pe care le asociez cu anumite evenimente.. Cred ca e intradevar o forma de meditatie si o recomand oricui.

Nu in neaparat in public, ca un blog, ci mai mult ca un jurnal.

O cartulie groasa a carei frumusete sta in sufletul pe care l-ai varsat in el.

4. Habit is a murderer!

You can't take time to really enjoy going on a road, if you go on that path every single day of your life.

I'm sorry to say this, but it just gets boring.

Of course, it doesn't really take a blog to remember this, but it did help me want to try out as many new things as I could, just for the fun of writing down a whole new experience and reliving it while reading it over again and again.

When things come to be a habit, like driving, you stop thinking on the actions you are doing.

Or like typing.

Are you looking at every button with every letter you are typing in an Email? I can bet you are just looking at the screen, because your body already knows how to make the characters happen.

Well, I realized I don't want to live in an automated world when it comes to emotions.

No. I want to have them. To let them creep in and get a share of intensity.

Being numb of emotions is like being dead, that's why I think habit is a killer.

Blogging helps getting rid of that by the new opportunities that come along with it, the new way of recording the experiences you have and the attention you end up giving to the details that belong to that experience.

E greu sa apreciezi un drum, daca in fiecare zi a vieti mergi pe acelasi.

Imi pare rau sa o spun, dar pur si simplu devine plictisitor.

Bineinteles, n-ai nevoie de un blog sa stii asta, insa pe mine m-a ajutat sa-mi impling mereu limitele si sa incerc fel de fel de lucruri noi, macar de dragul de a le scrie. Apoi le retraiam cititndu-le din nou.

Cand intervine obisnuita nu mai constientizezi actiunile pe care le faci. Ca la sofat, spre exemplu!

Sau cand tastezi!

Te uiti la fiecare litera de pe fiecare tasta pe care o apesi cand compui un email?

Pun pariu ca te uiti doar la ecran, pentru ca actiunea pare sa vina de la sine, iar creierul transmite mesaje direct membrelor fara sa le procesezi prea mult constient.

Am realizat intre timp ca nu vreau sa traiesc intr-o lumea automatizata, cel putin nu cand vine vorba de sentimente.

Nu. Vreau sa le am, sa ma invadeze si sa le simt intensitatea.

A fi emotional indiferent e ca si cum ai fi mort, de aceea am zis ca obisnuita ucide.

Blogging-ul m-a ajutat sa ma descotorosesc de monotonie prin oportunitatile pe care le-a adus, noul fel de a-mi inregistra experientele si atentia pe care am ajus sa o dau detalilor care tin de ele.


5. You never ever stop learning.

The smarter you get, the more you realize there's a lot more ahead to find out about.

Being curios is a personal trait and blogging made me want to get better answers for the things I was slightly curious about.

If you think blogging is just sitting on a laptop writing a few lines and having a spoiled life, then you have no idea what you're talking about!

It is a great way to spend your time and it is an awesome job to have - but it takes hard work.

You need to read at least as much as you write and with that you soak up so much information that you're getting more and more involved in being a better writer, designer, marketer or human being.

As I said, the more you know, the more you find out there's a lot more left to go, but you want it all!

Besides, all the people you meet and the connections you make help you grow as a personal PR for your new brand. Things start getting serious before you know it.

Cu cat aflam mai multe, cu atat aflam ca mai sunt multe de aflat.

Curiozitatea e una din trasaturile mele de caracter, insa blogul m-a facut sa caut raspunsuri mai ample unor intrebari mai vechi.

Daca ai impresia ca blogging-ul inseamna doar sa sezi langa computer si sa scri cateva randuri, atunci te inseli amarnic!

E un mod genial de a-ti petrece timpul liber si e spectaculos ca un job - dar e de munca!

Trebiue sa citesti cel putin atat de mult cat scri, iar prin asta sa strangi cat mai multe informatii, care la randul lor te fac sa-ti doresti sa fi un scriitor, designer, marketer sau om mai bun.

Asa cum spuneam, cu cat stim mai multe cu atat avem nevoie de mai multe! Iar in bine mai e totdeauna loc spre evolutie.

Ah, pe langa asta mai sunt si oamenii pe care ii cunosti pe parcurs si relatiile care le stabilesti cu ei. Faptul ca trebuie sa-ti fi propriul PR va face lucrurile sa devina serioase inainte sa-ti dai seama.

6. The Internet makes the world teeny-tiny.

I don't know about you guys, but I feel like there's nothing, and I mean nothing, that the internet can't inform me about.

I'm super grateful to be born in a time when the internet is in it's blossom and I only really got this awareness when reaching out to people around the globe. As well as brands!

I mean, the other day I noticed an international airline was following me on Instagram. I thought it was so hilarious that I made a screen shot.

But then it started happening again and again.

Museums like-ing my posts and so on.

Of course, there are people behind every social media account, but I think it's so cool that today there's no more borders, not national, not between people and companies, nor between generations.

Right now, if we want we can just contact Ashton Kutcher over Facebook or send Taylor Swift a Snapchat! Hey, we might even get to be the next Justin Bieber! He was discovered over the internet, if you didn't know.

Of course, being a pop star isn't something we all want to be, but we can publish ebooks, write blogs and influence the words course.

Have you hear about the butterfly effect? I think it fits here really well.

Nu stiu despre voi, dar eu chiar cred ca nu exista ceva, orice, despre care sa nu poti afla online.

Sunt foarte recunoscatoare ca m-am nascut intr-o era a internetului si abia decurand am realizat ce inseamna asta. Am constientizat-o cel mai bine cand luam contactul cu oamenii din jurul lumii. La fel si cu firmele.

Zilele trecute am observat ca ma urmareste o companie aviatica, internationala, pe Instagram. Mi s-a parut atat de amuzant incat i-am dat rapid un print screen.

Dar fenomenul a inceput sa se repete.

Muzee au inceput sa-mi dea like la postari si altele de genul.

E clar ca sunt tot oameni in spatele tuturor conturilor de socializare, dar mi-se pare atat de tare ca nu mai exista granite. Nici intre comunicarea cu diferite nationalitati, intre oameni si companii sau intre generatii.

Chiar acum, daca chiar vrem putem sa-l contactam pe Ashton Kutcher pe Facebook sau sa-i trimitem lui Taylor Swift un Snapchat! Hey, poate vom fi urmatorii Justin Bieber! ( a fost descoperit pe Youtube, daca nu stiai )

Bineinteles, nu toti ne dorim sa ajungem vedete pop, dar putem publica carti online, sa scriem bloguri si sa influentam cursul lumii!

Ai auzit de efectul fluture? Cred ca intra bine in discutie.

7. A BIG shift in my values.

It may also be part of growing up, but today I can't think of anything better to do with my life than travel.

I think it's part of human nature to want to discover new lands.

If I were wrong than we probably wouldn't have America these days, haha. ( Yea, I know it was by mistake, but don't burst my bubble! )

As I said, if before I thought being a successful person was about being in control, now I feel it's about letting go of the need to control everything.

I think success is actually happiness in a more sharp word and that a corporate carrier is not a dream come true. At least not for me.

Poate a venit o data cu anii, dar in ziua de azi nu-mi pot imagina nimic mai bun de facut cu viata mea decat calatoritul.

Cred ca acest spirit aventuros sta in natura umana.

Daca n-am fi tentati sa gasim noi taramuri atunci probabil nici acum n-ar fi descoperita America. ( da,da stiu ca a fost o greseala, dar nu-mi strica distractia! )

Daca mai de mult credeam ca a avea succes e a fi in contriol, acum mi-se pare ca e mai de graba puterea de a renunta la neovia de a controla totul.

Cred ca succesul e defapt fericire intr-un cuvant mai pompos si ca o cariera corporatista nu e un vis devenit realitate. Cel putin nu pentru mine.

8. Words matter -  a lot!

Remember those poems we were supposed to learn by heart in mid school?

They were all about how words make up the world and how magical they are. - Well, guess what? I think those poets are damned well geniuses!

Of course, I've always liked poets and poems and even got a big grade at the final school exam, because the subject was luckily one of my favorite poems of all. The "Evening Star" ("Luceafarul") by Mihai Eminescu, about the impossible love between the immortal Evening Star and a girl. It's actually the longest poem in the world, as far as I know it has hit the record. ( 98 stanzas )

Now, I don't want to brag about our Romanian poets, but I'd rather empathizes on the hugely important value of using words wisely.

They are both a weapon of mass destruction, a material to built up trust and describe future or past events, but they also create connections.

Very important connections.

Of course, by this I don't only mean love letters, but the way we tell ourselves the story of what happened to us. It's the words we use to describe feelings and arguments in our minds. And they matter so much there is no way I can talk enough about it.

You see, as I started this post, I told you I have a storytelling inner talk with myself, well we all do!

And if we can only think of 5 different words to describe good emotions, then our capacity of feeling happy is reduced to those 5 ways of making sense.

I've read a study lately that people have more words to describe negative feelings than good.

I tested myself and it was true. Thus I started craving more words to gain a bigger complexity of inner experiences. And I exercise this daily here on my blog.

Mai stii poeziile acelea pe care trebuia sa le invatam pe de rost cat eram la scoala?

Toate parca se invarteau in jurul aceluias subiect, cum cuvintele creeaza lumea si cat de minunate sunt. - Ghici ce? Eu cred ca sunt al naibii de geniale!

E clar ca mi-au placut intotdeauna poetii si poeziile - chiar am luat si o nota mare la bac, incantata de subiectul care ne-a picat. Luceafarul e una dintre poeziile mele preferate si Mihai Eminescu era favoritul la subiectul III. Povestea Luceafarului, chiar daca e cea mai lunga poezie a lumii, am citit-o de nenumarate ori si m-a cucerit de fiecare data.

Acum, nu vreau sa ridic in slavi poetii mei preferati, ci mai degraba sa empatizez importanta imensa in a ne alege cuvintele potrivite.

Asta pentru ca in ele sta o putere imensa. Pot fi atat arme de distrugere in masa, materialul prim in cladirea increderii, nemurirea trecutului cat si atingerea viitorului.

Iar prin ele facem asocieri. Asocieri teribil de importante.

Ele ne ajuta sa facem sens lucrurilor care ne inconjoara si evenimentele care ni-se intampla. Ele stau la baza limbajului nostru interior, la fel ca si in cel exterior. Avem nevoie de ele sa descriem sentimente si sa cladim argumente in propria minte.

Mai stii ca am spus mai devreme ca am un fel de a-mi spune povesti in gand? Pai, toti facem asta!

Iar daca avem numai 5 cuvine in vocabularul personal care sa descrie emotii pozitive, atunci e ca si cum am fi capabili numai de acele 5 stari. 

Capacitatea noastra emotionala se reduce drastic.

Citisem de curand un studiu legat de asta, care pretindea ca oamenii folosesc mai multe cuvinte uzuale de natura negativa, decat pozitiva.

Am testat teza pe mine si avea dreptate. Asa ca am inceput sa caut cuvinte noi care sa-mi largeasca orizonturile si sa-mi ofere o complexitate mai mare a experientelor interioare. Iar acest exercitiu il fac zilnic, aici, pe blog.

9. There are plenty of wonderful people out there

I've already talked about the haters that hate and potatoes that potate, but seriously now, there are sooo many nice people around here that I can't believe I'm lucky enough to meet them all.

The only thing this blog helped me with, is having them reach out to me.

Oh and they keep me going and keep me motivated and keep me really happy.

And I'm thankful. A lot.

V-am vorbit deja de hateri care fac ce stiu mai bine, dar la modul cel mai serios iti spun ca sunt ataaatia oameni atat de simpatici pe aici, incat nu-mi vine sa cred ca sunt atat de norocasa incat sa-i pot cunoaste pe toti.

Blogul a ajutat in cazul acesta doar prin simplul fapt ca i-a facut pe ei sa ma contacteze pe mine.

Ei ma fac sa continui cu capul sus, ma tin motivata si ma tin atat de fericita in fiecare zi.

Si sunt foarte recunoscatoare.

10. Reality is the biggest illusion of all.

This is a bit too deep to discuss at the end of an article as long as this was, but I still got away with it and wrote down the title I wanted.

What is reality anyway?

If we put it down as the way we perceive the world for ourselves and we identify that it all hangs on the words we use in our minds, then I feel there's no absolute truth, nor a unique way of finding it, that we should all be searching for.

It may be hard and disturbing to imagine, but things are the way they are because you are the way you are.

And if you want to change reality, then you must change yourself first.

Everything comes together after that one decision.

Cred ca e un pic cam amplu subiectul acesta pentru un final de articol atat de lung, dar mi-am facut de cap si am scris titlul dorit in ciuda acestui fapt.

Ce e realitatea pana la urma?

Daca e sa o luam asa cum o percepe fiecare individ si recunoastem faptul ca depinde de varietatea de cuvinte prin cu care ne-o descirem in gand, atunci e clar ca nu exista un adevar absolut, nici un mod unic de a vedea lumea corect.

Poate e greu sau deranjant de imaginat, dar lucrurile sunt cum sunt pentru ca le percepem noi in felul acela.

Deci totul tine de cum suntem noi, iar eu cred ca asa incep schimbarile adevarate in realitatea cuiva.

Pornind de la propria decizie de a o face.