Get Rid of Cellulite Once and For All!

Cellulite. Oh, isn’t it one of those words that immediately paint a picture in your mind? I know it does in mine. And the image itself isn’t as disturbing as the emotional impact it brings along.

For most women, cellulite is a real self esteem issue and in today’s world, up to 90% of the entire female population has or will have cellulite on their bodies in their lifetime.

That’s a mind blowing thing, if you come to think of it. The majority of women these days have cellulite, yet it is still somewhat taboo. We still expect ourselves not to have to deal with this issue and secretly get frustrated when trying on new bikinis. Our standards are getting higher than ever, yet our self respect is going down the hill. We need to stop this. Right now!

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5 Life-Changing Decisions To Take When Moving Into A New Home

Ever felt like you’re living your life on autopilot? Well, in a way, you probably are. Most of the things we’re doing on a regular basis are habits we’ve acquired a long time ago, even without noticing it. The good news though, is that many of them are tied to the environment we’re spending our time in. We can change these patterns if we change the space and take some powerful decisions along the way! These are 5 things I’ve committed to while moving into our new home and they are literally changing our lives forever.

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#EC: Back to the Castle

Festivals are a funny thing for me these days. Not because my city is basically a hub for these kind of events, but for finding myself experiencing them in a very different way than I used to. Shoving in alcohol until it numbs my brain isn't really something I look forward for anymore, but that doesn't mean that I'm not having fun. These days, I..

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The One Training Everyone Needs in the Modern World: Postural Alignment

Before&After pics included!

Lately, I’ve been a strong believer of a wholistic take on life. This mindset has impacted all aspects of it, uniting them in a work of art that needs balance to survive. It also made me look at the cause, never the effect. One way to look at health and even your overall presence, is to start with your posture. You have NO idea how much it reveals about your charachter, your life style or your past behaviours. The scary thing is that it affects everything about your future, from your well being, to your ability to move around, travel, have fun and create a life worthwhile. It determines how you’ll age and how much confidence you’ll have and show. Taking care of your posture should be the first step, especially before doing anything athletic! This was one mistake I wish I didn’t make. You need to know about this, read on.

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Spotlight: Minimalist Glam by Syoss

Oh, I just love deconstructing fashion. I actually like talking about it more than I like wearing it. It's a professional defect, I guess. Today I want you to find Anca Oprea’s dress, created especially for the professional brand, Syoss. I think this dress is a great reflection of the brand, that has mostly down to earth, intelligent and driven ladies as their customers. Their brand identity is professional, modern, minimalist and performance oriented, because their products offer professional styling options for individual use. That's empowering for a woman, who's always busy getting great things done, all while looking amazing. Guess that's why I carry a Syoss dry shampoo in my car and in my purse all the time.

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A sugar-free year: Why I quit sugar

At the end of last year, I decided: 2018 is going to be sugar-free for me.

I wanted to mend the feeling of being incapable, uncontrollable and for sabotaging myself. But getting the motivation to actually do it sounds way easier then it is. The mere thought of quitting sugar made me wanna go dig in a bucket of ice cream for the rest of the day, but I managed to do something even better …

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My Favorite Creations from the UAD Fashion Design Gala

Last week I was lucky to have a front row seat at one of the most exciting events of the year in Cluj, the Art and Design University's Fashion Design Gala. When I say exciting, I mean it.

You need to be there to feel it yourself, but the place is emotion packed. The students are just a few moments away from starting their careers as fashion designers, the media is breathless while the collections surpass each other in boldness and eclecticism. . Of course, not all students make it to the gala. Just the very best get the chance.

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