Dyrogue is my personal life style diary,

as well as an open dialog about values, goals and breakthroughs.

I'm here to inspire, empower and challenge young ladies

to clarify, beautify and take control of their lives.

Dyrogue is both my business card and my passion.

It is an open window of my world for you.




Diana Rogo

Cluj / 1993

Blogger, model, influencer, creator, entrepreneur.. You can call me whatever you like, I guess I don’t really know what to call myself either.

I've graduated university specialized in European diplomacy and started this blog in the mean time, while I just entered my twenties. I learned photography, design, writing and branding by myself. After a few years of blogging, I got an MA in PR&Advertising.

I'm the type of person that loves to keep on learning, so I dug deeper with my studies in the field as well as my solo research projects.

Emotional intelligence, personal development, spirituality and mythology, as well as sensuality and sexuality have been my recent obsessions. Most of my breakthroughs are being discussed on the blog, social media, or more recently, the podcast.





Dyrogue is as much a website, as a community and a brand.

This blog connects me to the world and lets the world feel connected to me, without any unnecessary labels and constraints. My only plan is to grow as a complex human being and fall in love with the world as often as I can.