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Dyrogue is as well Diana's personal style diary, as much an open dialog about her values, her travel goals or her daily thoughts, aiming to inspire, inform and entertain its visitors. Ever since the first post has gone live, it has had an unexpected success, taking Diana to the very top Romanian influencers of her niche.

Today, it is her business card & her passion. It is your window to her world.





Diana Rogo

Cluj / 1993

Blogger, model, influencer, designer, entrepreneur.. You can call me whatever you like, I guess I don’t really know what to call myself either. I have so many things I'm passionate about, I hardly even know what boredom feels like, or worse, which passions I want to turn into a career! Hmm, I guess this is my career, right here.

I've graduated university specialized in European diplomacy, started this blog in the mean time, learned a lot about photography, design, writing and copy writing, human interaction and luxury brands by myself.

I've recently started two MA's in Journalism and Advertising. I guess I'm the type of person that loves to keep on learning. I also travel as much as I can, spend as many hours cuddling and crave Italian gellato like a crazy person!

I take almost every opportunity I get to grow and discover something new about myself or about the world. I try hard to live my life to the fullest and to fulfill my dreams, no matter what they may be at the time being. Yes, I'm human, I change my mind ever so often. But, you see, some things stick with you for a while, just like my fiance, my writing lust or my passion for photography.

This blog offers me the chance to feel connected to the world and to let the world feel connected to me.







Dyrogue is as much a website, as a community or a brand.

Starting off as a platform to let Diana's creativity play, today it's also an online shop, hosting our author's unique fashion creations. All the visual material filling Dyrogue's space is either created by Diana her self or in collaboration with her dear photographer, Vlad Petrut.





The blog is sincere and perfumed with genuine passion.  It is somewhat like a magazine, but much more like a journal, where you'll find real emotions invested in each and every experience. Whether it's a new cardigan or a new mindset, Diana wants to share her thoughts with the community built around her values. The one sole mission of this blog is to give meaning to daily life and inspire its readers to live fully.





Dyrogue Shop is an extension of Diana's fashion taste. As much as any girls dream, having your imagination materialized is an amazing thing. The clothing aims to enchant fashion-forward thinkers and all women that want to step out of their comfort zone and into the spotlight. The first collection featured authentic feather accessories - statement pieces worthy for all seasons. The boutique is expanding at this very moment.

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